Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Whirl Wind Weekend!


010I wish I had a lot more pictures to share with you of this past weekend.  My mom came to spend the weekend with me.  She lives 45 minutes away and even though we talk 6 days a week usually for 45 minutes to an hour and a half.  We don't get to spend that much time together and usually not alone.  So she came down Thursday and we went to lunch and then to my kids school to play bingo.  We didn't win but we had a great time.  Then we went to get a bite to eat and stayed out till 11pm.  Mom also got a hotel room so I didn't have to worry about hosting.  We have a very small house with no guest room and mom doesn't do stairs either so she felt that this was the best. 

Friday we went to breakfast and then got in some thrifting!!!


We hit my favorite antique shop.  They are great, really nice fair prices and really helpful.  I found a great milk glass plate for $4.00 and a Corning pedal plate for $3.00 both pieces were on sale!!



There was only one yard sale in our area on Friday and it was so good that I skipped an other sale that was on Saturday to go back to it.  It was about 20 minutes away and then we hit the mall and then went to the Commons in Ithaca, that is the city that Cornell University is in.  It is a very unique area.


At the sale I picked up a bunch of antique and vintage books, most from the 1890's the newest one was from 1934, they were 50 cents each.


The hymnals are both the same I am going to use one of them for craft projects.



The relish tray says $2 but I got it for a $1, the child's iron and the goblet thingy(please if some one knows what this is let me know) were $1 each.


Everything in this picture was 50 cents each except for the bowl it was a $1.  The glass compote is really a vintage child's punch bowl with the hooks and cups missing.  I know this because mom told me to get it she has the exact same one with the hooks and cups that was my grandma's!


Check out the detail on the bottom of the bowl.


I also got this vintage clock for $1


This mirror I found on the side of the road on the way to the sale.(check out all the crap on the floor I didn't pick up before taking the picture).  Here is an other view.


But I have saved the best for last!!!!!


I got both these suitcases for $5 for the pair!!!!  That right $5 for both!!  I looked them up on the internet and just the large one is $275!!!!!!


I looove them!!  Here are some more pictures!!!

022  023


This is how it  looks now and here is how it looked Friday night.

002 003


Well that is just a little of what we did this weekend.  We did so very much more and had a great time.  It was also really good for me because I was never to far away from my children especially the baby, yet I feel like I really got my batteries recharged and ready.

Are sales in full force your area or are they slow to start.



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  1. You are so lucky to find those suitcases ! Love your other finds too !

  2. WOW! All I can say is Wow! You got such great finds and great buys. I want to go shopping with you!!

  3. Hi Michelle!

    The suitcases are charming; love the relish tray and clock too!

    So happy to meet you. Thank-you for stopping new friends!

    xo kelee

  4. what amazing deals you found! that goblet thing is so cool, though i'm not sure what it is!

  5. Those suitcases are wonderful!! Really great finds!

  6. I LOVE those suitcases!! Five dollars?? I would have fainted, and hoped that they were still there when I woke up. Awesome find!!

  7. Awesome!!! The milkglass plate and the suitcases are my faves. :)

  8. OMG! You hit the Mother Lode!! What great finds! Love the suitcases

  9. Oh what fun it seems you had and what great treasures you have.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the nice comment.

  10. Sounds like you had a great time with your mom. You really found some great treasures, I love the arrangement with the suitcases.

  11. You found some great pieces. I wish I could find vintage books for fifty cents. They mark them so high around here and I love them. So much character to the old ones. Love the vignette you made with the vintage suitcases.

  12. Oh my mercy! You got some awesome stuff here. I so love the suitcases! WOW! Be blessed. Cindy

  13. Wow, you really struck gold! I love the milkglass pieces, and the suitcases were an amazing deal. Looks like you had a great day. :)

  14. Great picking!!! Love the suitcases!!

  15. What a haul!!!! So many pretty things.
    I love the suitcases!

  16. I am jealous. It is still a little chance of snow here in Maine so Lawnsales are not up and running yet, but soon. Great finds. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Oh, my goodness! You surely did well. But the suitcases and books stole the show! Great finds! Linda

  18. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I really appreciate your sweet comments. How about that -- "Not a Toy!" Ha! Is too!


  19. WOW..sooooo many great favorite is those two awesome suitecases...what a deal! Thanks for coming to NTT...hope you had a good time!


  20. You hit the jackpot with those vintage suitcases and what a steal the antique books were. Don't you just love yard sales? I just posted about my finds last weekend. I would love for you to take a look.

  21. I love your suit cases!!!! Thank you so much for your sweet comment! I'm new to blogging! I can't wait to share more junk finds!!!


  22. Wow - what fantastic finds! I adore that little clock! Have also signed up as a follower!


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