Sunday, August 1, 2010

I Dream Yard Sales!

After I hit the mother load last week, I had planned on taking a week off.

However during yard sale season I tend to wake up one of two ways.  It always starts out the same way.  I arrive at the most wonderful sale.  Everything is just what I am looking for and the prices are incredible!!!!

Then either I am the only shopper there and I pick up item after item and have plenty of money to buy all the goodies I want.

Or when I arrive there are hundreds upon hundreds of people there and every time I reach for something someone snatches it (oh just thinking about makes me shudder).

On top of that, we are redoing 11 year old and three year old daughters room and 11 year old would like some "new" stuff  for her room and asked me if we could go thrifting.  How could I resist!

So Friday morning when the hubs and I woke up we had a conversation that went something like this.

ME: "Can I please have just $20 dollars to go out yard sailing this morning."  Batting my eyelashes.  "Please "

Hubs: "What"

Me: "Oh pleeeese A really wants to go out."

Hubs(laughing): "You want $20 dollars"

Me (sheepishly): "Yes."

I now go downstairs thinking that I am not getting out this morning.  A couple of minutes later hubs comes downstairs and hands me a small pile of ones and in the middle of them a TWENTY!!!  YEA!!!  He says"I planned that you would want to go and saved it out for you."   Twenty Five dollars, I can so some serious damage with that!

So off we go and even though last week totally rocked, I did manage to find some good stuff this week too.

The first sale was pretty much a bust but I did manage to find this.


A cute egg dish and salt and pepper shaker set for Easter.  It was $1.00.

The next sale was pretty good and for $5.25 I got all this.


Two brand new shadow box frames, decorations for my Easter tree, eggs to decoupage for Easter, a book, Friskers circle cutter with extra blade, smidge, pinch, and dash spoons, a vintage hand mirror and.......


The next sale was also really good. 


A dress for myself.  Bad picture great dress.  I wore it to church today and got soooooo many compliments on it.  It was $1.00.




This ticking which is a Roman shade...$1.00.

047  Wood Nativity set with the $10. price still on it for $1.00.


Vintage Scrabble game for crafts $1.00.


I also got not pictured(my children ran off with them).  A Dora chair, the kind that goes in a bag minus the bag for .25 cents and two Lacrosse sticks for $1.00 each.

Then on to a few more sales.


.50 cents for flowers.


New candle also .50 cents.

Then on the side of the road I found a free pile.


Next onto a really good sale.

I found two pairs of pants for myself.


Jeans $1.00.


Red pants .50 cents.


All of this.  Buttons $1.00, enamel pot .50 cents, milk glass candle holder .10 cents and wreath for free.



15 pieces of brown transferware.




This is vintage but only slightly, it dates to the 70's.  It is Fair Winds and was made by Alfred Meakin Staffordshire England.  The whole set was $5.00

Then at my last sale I found......


Coffee pot $1.00, book from 1918 about WWI .25 cents, box of sea shells $1.00, small red topped salt shaker came with the shells, vintage card holders .25 cents, and tole tray .50 cents.




My neighbor picked on me but I just loved the colors and the graphic of the cover.


11 year old also managed to score some bargains with her money.



A huge basket of vintage musical instruments for $2.00(some of them aren't even pictured because her brother was playing with them).


Swinging dolphin $1.50, earrings  .25 cents and a vintage canasta game with cute little kitties for $1.00.

Well not bad for an off week.

Do you ever dream of going to yard sales?

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