Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Weekly Finds



These are actually from last week.  My daughter had a bowling tournament in the biggest city in our area.  It is 45 minutes to our north.  For any college basketball fans out there Go Su Orange!!!!  Next year will be our year to win the Championship.


Well anyway, we went up for the tournament on Sunday afternoon and I was able to hit one of the Thrift Stores in the area.  Because it was a Sunday and we went up late in the afternoon and it was still March in upstate New York HUH, there were no yard sales and most of the thrft stores were closed.  This was a real bummer for me because when ever I get to the big city I want to hit as many "good" thrift stores as I can and be able to go yard sailing.  Oh well I did pretty well.


My favorite piece was the toile "curtain".  This is a huge piece and was only .99 cents.  I plan to use this to line the back of my china cabinet and cover the lamp shades on my buffet.  My 9 year old son loves geography and picked up the Jell-O mold that looks like a map of the United States, it was .59 cents.  The car kit was gotten by 7 year old son and was .99 cents.  The silver tray was .99 cents and is a nice vintage piece.  I love the edging.  The red and white napkin and hot pad were .25 cents each.  The frame was more than I like to spend for the size but it has a great decorative edge.  It was .99 cents.  The little transferware creamer was .69 cents.  The white dove was .59 cents.  The mirrored bird was .59 cents.  The pepper mill was .39 cents.  The green mug was .89 cents.   They threw in the cream colored cutain(which i will use for material) for free.  I also got 3 year old daughter a Barbie lunch box for .25 cents and 5 year old boy bought a car that you can hook up to the computer for $1.99.   I picked up the 11 year old daughter the butterfly hooks for .25 cents for the four.  I am going to take the hooks off and epoxy them to some frames for her room.


This week there were a couple of yard sales in our town but I was only able to go to one.  At first I thought it was going to be a total bust.  We got there at the exact time the sale was supposed to start and people were already leaving with EMPTY hands.  The ad had been huge.  18 year old daughter said that she thought they had listed every item that they were selling separately.   No doubt!!  But I did manage to dig up a few gems.  I know the wife of the man that was having the sale and he and his wife are avid yard sailors. 


First I found the baggie with the photos.  Then I picked up the hymnal and the clock.  None of it was marked so I asked how much it was.  He said that he had to get $10 for the photos and that if I bought them he would throw in the rest of the stuff.  Yea me Sold!!




While I was paying I spied the box.  I asked how much and he said how about $15.  I said how about $10.  He said SOLD!!!  I love these old advertising boxes and by them whenever I find them.  I have them all over the house and use them for all  sorts of things.  MR.  Full Cottage found the barn beam hammer and picked it up for $3.00.  18 year old daughter bought a picture for her bedroom.  Yes we brought the whole family.  We stopped on our way to an Easter egg hunt.



Well this was definitely a teaser.  What about you have the sales in your area started up?

I linking with Rhonda at Southern Hospitality for Thrifty Treasures.

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  1. Fabulous finds. Love the photos, what a find! I would have gladly forked over the money for those beauties.

    The fabric is amazing what a frugal find at less than a dollar.

    You did great, thanks for sharing.

  2. Great buys and I love the many uses.

  3. Man nice finds!! That toile is great. Love the box, the pictures, I could go on and on!!

  4. I love the box. I pick up every one that I see. The old pictures are neat too. All of it was wonderful. You did good.

    Thank you for visiting junkblossoms. Hope you come back soon. Blessings Pat.

  5. The photos are awesome! I really like that crate, too. And the clock is cute!

  6. What great finds you got in UpState NY! I am very familiar with the area. Thanks for checking out my blog!

  7. You found some great things! I love old boxes!

  8. YOu found some wonderful treasures. I love those boxes. THanks for the nice comment you left on my blog.


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