Tuesday, March 27, 2012



Yesterday I spent the day rearranging and spring cleaning my entryway after a complete overhaul of our living room over the weekend.  That post will come since I am still playing around in there Smile


Well when you walk in the door to our house you were greeted by this.

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Not horrible, but the scale is so wrong for the space and it is not very useful.

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So I wanted to get something that would have a little more height to it.

After the living room was rearranged and the big pieces of furniture put back I had a small bookcase leftover.  I decided that it would be just what I needed for the space.

So here is the after with the “new” bookcase all in place.

blog friendshare 022


I just love how it turned out!!  Everything on there I already had.

Here are a few close-ups of the shelves.

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The black is the bottom of a calendar corner that I glued on that fell off when I was moving it and have yet to glue back on Smile  I am such a kid when it comes to getting things done!!!!

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Now I am off to clean off the kids bulletin boards!!!