Monday, April 26, 2010

Still No Money, So More Lampshades!



In keeping with my, no money, use what you have to spruce up the house.  I decided to tackle these two lampshades. 

I picked up these lamps back in November at an estate sale for $3.00 for the pair.  I really love milk glass and wanted to get some lamps for the buffet to brighten up the dining room . 

While I hated the shades on these since I bought them, the price was right and they match so I kept them. 

So I have been on the lookout for inspiration to figure out how to cover these up on the cheap!

Well I found the inspiration I needed over at Miss Mustard Seed's in this post.

While I liked Miss Mustard Seed's lamp, I also saw a candle somewhere out in real life that was similar that I also liked so I changed mine up a little.


Here is a close up of my original shade.  It is is structurally sound, but yellowed and not in a vintage way in an old yucky way.

So my first job was to take off the band.  I did that with  the steam of my iron just like Sherry from Creations from My Heart says to do in this post. 


It then looked like this.  You can see better just how yellowed this was.


I then grabbed my vintage sheet music.  I got this last summer at an estate sale, I bought 5 books just like this for .50 cents for all five.  This is the only one that I have used so far and I still have tons of pages left!

I cut the pages in various sizes and distressed the edges with my distress ink.014


On some of the pieces I added some stamps.  This one and a vintage style skeleton key.

I also added some vintage lace and some vintage doilies. 



My 5 year old son helped with this one while I wasn't looking, and I used it.

After using my handy dandy decoupage finish that I bought literally 5 years ago or more(this project finally finished it off), I added my trim that  I talked about here. 

So are you ready here they are!!!!!!







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  1. Just lovely! Love how they went from boring to so very interesting! Great job!
    Stopping by from NTT.

  2. very unique! it caught the eye of my music lover daughter, she loves it.
    Thanks for linking up to 'AP Tuesdays"
    Will you do me a favor and link it up under the "craft" link? I am trying something new this week, I have 2 links available on one page...just scroll down a bit more and you will find the one I am talking about. My post explains why..
    Hope to see you next week!

  3. Coming over from NTT...your lampshades came out great. I like that you added the texture of doilies!! The back center plate caught my eye - My mother has bowls from that set (white translucent milk glass with hand painted d flowers) - made me smile when I saw them!

  4. I LOVE this!!!!!!!!! So cute! I found you at the Trash to Treasure linky party.

    I'm having a new linky party tomorrow and I'd LOVEEEEEEEEEE for you to link this up

  5. Boy, can I relate to this! I grew up 1 of 7 children and know all about trying to make a house look good with no money! It was great preparation for when I got older though, and now have my own little home. I'm a stay-at-home mom and trying to make ends meet in this day on one income is a full-time job in itself. Congratulations on making it work. You're doing a great job!

  6. Awesome ideas, and they look outstanding! Thanks for coming to NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS...hope you had a great time:)


  7. Thanks so much for linking up!!! :)

  8. Hey thanks for a great idea.....I found a box of sheet music in the garage when I was cleaning it out.

    great job


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