Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Thrifty Corner Hutch



Today, for Show and tell Friday at My Romantic Home and Frugalicious Friday at finding Fabulous, I decided to show off my corner hutch.

Everything in this hutch was gotten very thriftily, including the hutch!

To start with I bought the hutch the week before Thanksgiving last year at an estate sale that I went to with my two oldest daughters.  While my oldest daughter went off to find treasures of her own my 11 year old and I went together.  After going through the main rooms we went into a back room off the kitchen that had brooms, seasonal yard stuff and canning supplies etc.  Well just sitting on the floor tucked into the corner behind some brooms, shovels and a garbage can this cute little shelf sat with her adorable little scalloped edges.  I didn't even notice her (none off the other adults there did either).  My daughter pointed her out and said to me "we have to get that for daddy he loves corner cabinets".  So I hemmed and hawed for a minute and decided for $15. dollars mommy liked corner cabinets too.  Well we paid and dragged it out (boy is it heavy).  As we were people kept saying "wow where did you find that"  and "I never saw that" and my personal favorite "you only paid $15. for that".

However when I got home.....well my husband was not as thrilled as my daughter had previously thought.  I believe his reaction with an eyebrow raised was "what did you get that for and where are you going to put it.  I quickly explained why I bought it.  Even though those strangers at the sale thought that I had gotten a good deal my husband thought that I had paid to much.

The white outside is just as it was when I bought it, I took some acrylic paint (the little tubes) and repainted the inside.  The embellishment on top I found a couple of months latter at the thrift store for $4.99.  It was black and  cast iron I think.  I painted it white and added some Ralph Lauren glaze to it.


In front sitting on my grandma's old sewing machine cabinet which is below the hutch, is a antique dictionary my husband picked up at an estate sale for $1.00 and one of my grandma's prayer books. Sitting on the books is a clay panda that my 9 year old son made in kindergarten.  He says "he's sniffin".

On the bottom shelf from left to right is a wood rooster that I got at a garage sale for .25 cents,  a toile transferware mug that I got from an other garage sale for .50 cents,  a cup that matches the pattern of the red vine plates it was .50 cents at the thrift store, the plates were also .50 cents each the white one was .25 cents from a rummage sale, the large rooster is a planter and was .25 cents at a yard sale and the rooster salt and pepper shakers were my grandma's, the silverware in the cup and the buttons were all from yard sales and combined were about .50 cents.



On the middle shelf I have some green buttons in and old jar that I got in a free box, a tiny little mouse that I found in my grandma's sewing box, the vase is just a plain one that I got for free and sewed a vintage runner that I got for .25 cents to, the transferware creamer was .69 cents and you may remember it from this post.  The milk glass in the middle is actually two pieces I just sat on top of each other.  The small one is from the same estate sale as the hutch and was a $1.00 the large one is from the thrift store and was .39 cents, the little flower ball in the top one was in a fill a bag sale it worked out to be about .05 cents.  The milk glass base that my cloche is on was $2 .99 at the thrift store, the cloche was a Christmas present from my oldest daughter and the little girl dancer inside was my grandma's.  I found the thread that I turned on it's side.


The large platter in the back was .50 cents at the thrift store.



The top shelf has three milk glass urns that were all bought at the thrift store for between .59 and .99 cents, the ironstone cups are also from the thrift store they were .59 cents each the matching saucer was .29 cents.  The little terra cotta pot was a gift from my children's school for helping out with their annual art show.  The vase in the back was .50 cents from a yard sale.  There is a small book in the back that one of the urns is on it was .25 cents and the silverware I spray painted blue, I bought in a lot at a yard sale for a $1.00.  The buttons are in an old horseradish jar that I added a decal to.

So here is the breakdown:

Hutch with embellishment-$19.99

Bottom row- $3.75

middle row-$5.87

top shelf-$$6.68

Total-$36.29 I think that is pretty thrifty!!

What do you think?

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  1. You are too kind! And that corner shelf of yours is just full of treats! LOVE that 50¢ platter!!!! WOW!
    BTW...I think this is what you were looking for?

    m ^..^

  2. Wow - it's great and a wonderful price! :) Nancy

  3. I too am amazed at your bargain platter! I wish I could find lovely things like that for 50cents!

    Best wishes for a fabulous weekend,

  4. I think it's all really pretty! You got awesome deals. Like the paint job.

  5. I love a great deal and you hit the jackpot! Your shelf is so cute and all your "goodies"!

  6. what a great collection you have! and great bargains too!

  7. Oh sweetie you have my heart! I am a thrifty shopper girl and I LOVE it! Great job on the cabinet! That is an excellent deal! Think about how many things we don't think twice about spending $15 on....LOVE it! Please stop by and say hi, i too featured my thrifty cabinet!

  8. Well, I LOVE your hutch and think the price was wonderful.
    xo bj

  9. I also love your hutch and you got some amazing deals. Thanks for visiting and you asked where I live. We live in the suburbs of Richmond, Va. Take care,

  10. I love your cabinet and all of your goodies. I especially like the platter. Great deals.


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