Friday, October 21, 2011

Finding Me

My personal style has change a lot over the past several months.  For the better and it has really done an overhaul on how I am thinking and feeling.  I should start by giving you a little back story though.  Over the course of the last 12 years I have had 6 children.  Now I love and cherish each of them and really love having a big family.  However because time was at  a premium and I stopped working and I am sure many other things, I stopped doing things for my appearance.  I stopped doing my hair, I would wash it, comb it and cut it but that was it.  I wore loose clothes with socks and sneakers.  Even jeans were saved when I went out in public.  I gained weight.  I stopped wearing makeup.  This all was gradual and I was not sad or depressed, just lazy.  I wasn’t working outside of the house, I had a husband, my life was fine.   I not really sure what happened to me to change this.  But this past spring I was in a funk.  I was unhappy and miserable.  So I made an appointment with my hair dresser, in secret, went in with a picture of pink and told her I wanted it cut like that.  I also said I wanted a two step color.  I thought when I told her that I wanted red with blonde highlights and showed her the red swatch she was going to fall over.  I promptly went home and put on makeup.


me new hair 7-19-11 037


This did a world of good for my self esteem.

My dad then had a stroke a couple of weeks later.  I was traveling up to see him and help my mom.  My parents are very into appearances so I made sure to have my hair done, makeup on and dressed just right.  I didn’t want to make them feel worse, did I.  This also got me into the habit of getting it done.

This also had a ripple affect.  I went through my closet and pitched everything that didn’t make me feel good.  All the dowdy and matronly  clothes, even if they fit.  That gave me a good reason to head to the thrift and pick up a couple of “new” pieces.



rummage sales 101

rummage sales 085

rummage sales 098


It has been several months and I feel wonderful!  As simple as it sounds this cut and color have changed my whole outlook and given me new confidence.  I have since bought some new make-up and started wearing it differently.  I have also decided to go back to school and Monday I will be starting classes.  I can’t wait!


Do you ever do anything just for you?