Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Buffet Re-Do with Hand Painted Knobs!


This is how my buffet started out.  When we bought it two summers ago, it was in rough shape but the price was so right.......$30.00.  We were told it was from the 1890's.  The previous owners bought it at an antique shop.

We have the doors for it but they were warped too badly to reattach without more effort than we wanted to put into it.  I wanted to be able to use this right away for my kids game storage.  So my husband (the brawn of the operation) naile dit back together fand made it structurally sound and we moved it right in.

Then it sat there for two years looking ugly, while I waited to get off my lazy bum for inspiration to strike.

Well about two month ago I decided to make curtains for it to at least cover up the hole and so you couldn't see the games anymore.  Well it would have been 6 more months if I had decided to sew them, so I got out my glue gun and went to town with a huge piece of material that I picked up at the thrift store (I got over 10 yards of fabric and it's nice home decor stuff for $7.99).


It then looked like this.

011   Which was an improvement, but it still lacked something. 


Well ever since we bought it I HATED those knobs!!!!!  They are so plain and bright and that silver screw just SCREAMS at you.  The minute it came into the house I told my husband that those knobs had to go!!  However I was unsure what I wanted to replace them with.

Her Majesty's Stamp Knob, Crown

I really like these from Anthropologie.

But for $12.00 per knob and I need 10...ummm no.

walled garden knob

These are nice too.only $8.00 per knob.  But I don't love them. For $80.00 I HAVE to love them.

Festival Flower Knob, ClematisThese are $6.00, but still not in love.

All knobs were from Anthropologie.


So I decided rather than spend that much money to replace something that didn't really need to be replaced, I would find a way to make me hate them less make them work.  So I decided to paint them.  Well this was my first attempt.  It is  supposed to be a fleur de lis .  It came out horibly wrong and I am saving this pic. for Susan at Between Naps on  the Porch's bloopers party.


So I scraped that idea and decided to try something freehand that was a little more abstract and free that could hide my miserable painting abilities.

This is what I came up with!


Whenever acrylic paint goes on clearance I pick it up.  I chose four colors that were in the curtain material from my paint stash.  The outer green is called Grass Green and was .25 cents.  The gold is Inca Gold Metallic and was .25 cents.  The mauve color is a mixture of Rose Pink .50 cents and Burgundy Rose .10 cents.  To paint the horrible, ugly, sore thumb of a screw, I mixed the green with the gold.  This whole project used very very little paint.

Here are some more pictures.  I just love it now!!!



Please ignore the SHARPIE that nobody who lives at our house did and mysteriously ended up there!!!



After finishing the knobs the curtain needed something more.   So I went through my stash and found some lightweight velvet from the thrift store for $1.99 and some trim that was .50 cents for three yards and got glue gun of  course and added some to the bottom of the curtain.


Please ignore the pile of crap kids stuff on the bookcase.

Well now I need your help, I am undecided what to do next with this piece.  Should I leave it as is or paint it and if i paint it what color should I do?  The rest of the furniture is wood and my curtains are a sage green just like the leaves on this curtain.  The walls are white.


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  1. This is really a great transformation...great job on those knobs....I really love how this looks!! Have a great VTT....and by the way, that was one great buy on the piece of furniture!

  2. Those high dollar ones were truly beautiful. However, what you did is a remarkable job and appreciated more since you did them yourself.

  3. How clever of you to paint the knobs. They look great!

  4. Those knobs look fantastic ... what a brilliant "fix" for plain white knobs. I cannot imagine ANYONE paying lotsa money for knobs or handles. My limit is about $2 each, and that's when I'm feeling flush.

    I like the wood of the buffet, but it would look pretty sweet painted, too -- maybe pick out one of the medium tone greens in that gorgeous fabric you used for the curtain. Very chic!

    And as long as you have kids in the house, you will have kid crap everywhere. But someday they WILL grow up and move away . . . and then believe it or not you will miss the kid crap. Well, no -- not the crap, but you WILL miss the kids!

    PS Thanks for visiting That Old House! We bought if as empty nesters, so the poor thing will have to wait for grandchildren to know the joys of real kid stuff all over the place. And under the old table that I featured today is a lantern my daughter (who worked summers as a waitress at a country club) "liberated" from a wedding reception, an old reverse-painted clock that I got years ago -- very long story -- and the thing that looks like a lunch box is actually a little toile-fabric covered miniature trunk that my sister in law gave me.
    Nothing as interesting as an old lunch box! -- Cass

  5. Lovely job on the knobs. You made it your own. I know about the accidents that no one is responsible for. The perpetrator lives in my house too.

  6. What a great and inexpensive way to change knobs. I'm with you on those Anthropologie knobs, I love them all but they are too expensive.
    You certainly put a smile on my face talking about the Sharpie markings on the buffet. I just had a similar situation with my 16 year old son tonight!! Amazing, this person seems to be in many homes across this great land of ours!
    The Tattered Tassel

  7. Gee, we must be related. I have a lazy bum too. You should see my garage. It's filled with unfinished projects.
    This buffet is lovely now. I understand about Anthropologie. I love their knobs too but yours are wonderful. Great idea.
    Love this post...

  8. Hi, Michelle! Great job on the beautiful knobs! I love the colors you used, the really show up nicely. And I love the piece of material you used to make the curtain, the colors are some of my favorite - the pinks, cranberry, greens, beige... You know, I think a nice green would be wonderful to paint this piece! But I'm sure no matter what you pick, you will do a good job. Make sure to post it on Susan@Between Naps on the Porch's Metamorphosis Monday!
    Best regards,

  9. These are so cute...did you know that you can use Sharpie markers, and they are easier to control than a paint brush! Well done!

  10. The knobs turned out so cute!

    As for what to do next, how about leaving the top of the piece wood, and painting just the lower part? It's a gorgeous buffet, and I think leaving some of that beautiful old wood showing would look pretty.

  11. Great Job! I honestly wouldn't have the patience or the steady hand to do that. If I can take a spray can to it, it's outta my league! You did a terrific job.

  12. Hardware is sooooooo expensive, isn't it?! Geez.

    Your choice is charming!

  13. The knobs and the curtain look so did a great job. Happy VTT,,,

  14. Great job! I love the knobs! You really did a wonderful transformation and it sounds like a quick one too...isn't it great once inspiration strikes!

  15. I just love your buffet transformation! The paint job you did on the knobs is just perfect, and the fabric looks wonderful on the bottom. Hurray for glue guns!
    Happy VTT!

  16. what a great transformation!
    I really love the curtain fabric!

  17. I've been looking at the Anthropologie knobs too, but it's a shame to pay that much, especially when you find the furniture for such a bargain. Kinda ruins the good deal!


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