Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spring Supply Swap

The very talented Gina from the Shabby Chic hosted a supply swap that you can read about here.

Well my email configuration was messed up at the time and I wasn't able to get the email to Gina by the deadline.  The original email sent as soon as we reconfigured, so I sent an apology email out and the next thing I know I get an email back from her with my partner's info YEA!  I was paired with the very talented Jill of Bucks County Folk Art.  When I say talented I mean talented , that Santa up there she carved out of a vintage spool, and boy do I love me some vintage.

026  In addition to the Santa there was tons of other stuff as well.  Just look at the awesome selection of fabrics(red is my favorite color).    Jill gave me a great selection of things for an Americana theme, and boy do I have plans for it to add to my decor for Memorial Day and  July 4th.  There are also wonderful things for me to use for Christmas and Valentines Day.  I am so excited about all the goodies!!!  Thanks so much Jill this was so much fun, I can't wait to do another swap!!!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Saturday Treasures!

Just as I promised, here are my treasures I picked up on Saturday.   I only went to five sales on Saturday,but the sales that I did go to were great.

When I got to this sale it was pouring down rain.  It was advertised as a moving sale.  There was not that much there and their prices were somewhat high.  However I was able to get a few bargains.  The flowers and the eucalyptus was .50 cents for all of it.  The vintage gloves were $1.00 and the brand new Advent candles were also a $1.00.  Not only is that a good price for Advent candles but if I don't lose them I will be ahead of the game and not have to leave church the week before Advent starts and have to drive all over town to find them.  Not that that has ever happened to me, just saying.



This was actually the first sale that I went to.  I got 6 adjustable sash rods for .25 cents...yes for all of them.  The cork wreath was .50 cents and the cloche was .10 cents.  I plan to rip the corks from the wreath and use them as jar filler.


This was an estate sale across the sale from the one above, but it started an hour latter and was just advertised as a regular garage sale.  I almost didn't go because I didn't want to drive back but went to see if the other sale had something that I didn't buy the first time.  They didn't.  Everything in this picture was .25 cents each.



This mirror was $1.00.  It is so beautiful.  It is made of cast iron and is just perfect with the little fleur di lis.

018 017

This was $1.00.  It was on the dining room table on top of another cloth that was patterned and had stuff displayed all over it.  It wasn't marked and I don't think that the lady even knew that it was there till I mentioned it.





All these linens were $2.00 for EVERYTHING , including 7 placemats,  5 blue napkins, 14 white napkins, 2 small tablecloths, 2 hand towels and 3 doilies!


Everything in this picture was .10 cents



Everything in this picture was free.



This sale had great stuff but the lady knew what she had and the prices were high.  I love this small compote it is beautiful $5.00 was an all right price, the linens were a good price at $3.00 for all of them.  The saucer and the creamer were $1.00 each.



This was the last sale that I went to.  i almost didn't go there because I heard a couple of people talking at another sale and a lady said that it wasn't worth the trip.  I went and was kicking myself for listening to her.  I do find that usually seasoned garage salers know their stuff and can usually steer you away from a dud of a sale.  I know this lady and always run into her when out at sales, but in this case she was dead wrong.

I got everything pictured for $3.00!

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Thrifty Mother load!



This Friday was one of the biggest rummage sales in our area.   Yes they have people in orange vests directing traffic and parking people.  There are 9-10 rooms filled with stuff  PLUS the outside  in addition to loose stuff that is outside there is also 6 tents filled. 

Not only is there a ton of great stuff, but it is priced cheap, cheap, cheap to sell.








Everything in the first 5 pictures was out of the regular rooms and cost $19.00........ yes $19.00 dollars for all of it.  The trim was all together in a bag for.......25 cents, for all of it!!!!!  I almost forgot, I also got a vintage chenille queen size bedspread for $ the stuff in the pictures was really $16.00( I didn't get a picture of the bedspread).

The last 2 pictures was the stuff that I picked up in the specialty room.  The cigar box was $2.00, the rust stove box was .50 cents, the 2 little birds were .50cents for the pair, the milk glass salt and pepper shakers were $2.00, the silver things are blotter corners and they were $1.00( I will be using them as embellishment in upcoming crafts projects), the vintage decorative candles were $1.00, the silver salt dips were $1.00, the little white creamer pitcher is from France and was $1.00, the  creamer with the flowers was also $1.00

Well I hit some great sales on Saturday as well so stay tuned to see what I got there as well.  Some more great deals.

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Happy Mother's Day!

This image is from the Graphic's Fairy and can be found here.

I would like to wish all mom's a Happy Mother's Day, especially my mom!

I love you.

This is the cake my little daughter "made" for me and her 11 year old sister decorated it all by herself!


Notice the little girl peeking from the left side!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Transformed Sewing Cabinet



Last year at an estate sale I picked up this little sewing cabinet for $4.00.  It was cute and I new I could put it to good use.  However it was in sorry shape, one of the legs as you can see was detached.

So for the past year I just propped up the leg on the bottom and used it as is.  Well this week I decided that this little table needed a makeover!!

Soooooo first I sanded her down.  Then I decided to mod podge scrapbook paper to the front...but when I was smoothing down the paper, I put a hole in it!!!


So I took and cut out a design from a contrasting piece of scrapbook paper.


At this point I HATED IT.

I then ripped off the paper.  Next I painted the whole thing white and went through a wall paper book that I got out of a free box.  I found a nice, light, subtle pattern, I Mod Podged it down and then lightly sanded the edges and then added some Ralph Love.......Ralph Lauren smoke glaze that is.


I then took a beautiful piece of wallpaper from the book and added that to the top.  It is so pretty, it has flowers all over it.  It is so much prettier than it looks in the pictures.


I took the picture before the glue even dried.( hee hee)

I also painted and glazed the handles and painted the diamond pattern that is on the front.

I couldn't wait so the pictures were taken while we were still outside.







This was a very thrifty project as well.....I had all the materials on hand.

I love it it!!  It is so girly.  Well should I added anything else to her or leave her as is?


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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The many faces of a dresser.



You may remember getting a peak at this dresser here.  Or maybe it was here or here.


Well I thought for White Wednesday at Faded Charm  I would post about the actual dresser and how it came to be.


Years ago my husband bought me this little chest for this space as a birthday gift.438

This was before blogging so this is the best picture I could find.

This worked in this space for awhile, but wasn't quite large enough.  Then my husband went to an estate sale and bought this picture.


Then it looked horrible and very off balanced.  Sorry I don't have a picture of this.  Also about this time we bought our TV armoire and needed video storage.  So I decided that I wanted a dresser that was somewhere between 36 and 44 inches long and 30 - 36 inches tall.

So I began to stalk Craig, Craigslist that is.  Everyday I would get up and browse both of the nearby cities.

Oh I almost forgot I only wanted to spend between $75 and 0 dollars.  Well nothing for months.

Well I got desperate I really needed someplace to store the videos so I picked up this dresser.


It was $20 and fit all the videos.  It was wider so it didn't look as bad but was still not right and was going to need to be I still was not happy, and was still stalking Craig.

Well we had been cooped up in the house for the winter and one day when the sun was shining and it was somewhat warm outside my husband and I decided to stop into the antique shop.  While browsing I asked the ladies if they had any dressers that meat my criteria.  I looked at a bunch and the one my husband wanted was...$475 dollars!!!  I said "are you out of your flipping mind um no!  We were just on our way out and under a bunch of stuff in a little corner I found her. 


My husband said it was the wrong size and that it wouldn't  work.  Oh and it was marked $85 dollars, however I know the owner and she said she would take $65.

So we went home with no dresser and I spent the entire evening nagging and whining, begging and pleading being patient with my husband.  Long story short(not) we went back and picked her up the very next day!

She then has been dressed various ways until I arrived as she looks today.  Tomorrow may be another story.




I love her in all her chippy goodness!  She was well worth the wait!

Have you ever waited months for the right piece of furniture?

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