Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A thrifty makeover!



The week before last was our schools annual rummage sale.  I have been the chair of the event for the past four years.   Well we always have a lot of fun but it is a huge undertaking and usually takes about 20 hours over the course of  two days.  Well after the sale is over we box up all the leftovers to donate to the Salvation Army, while we are packing everything away we can help ourselves to anything we may like for free.


Well my friend found this lamp and liked the shade but wasn't sure what she would do with it.  She didn't like the lamp at all.  I tried and tried to talk her into taking it.  I told her it would look so cute spray painted oil rubbed bronze with a cute stencil on it.  She wouldn't hear it and said"Well then you take it." 


So I did!!



I didn't care for the look of the shade with it, I thought that it was to large.  So I went down into my basement stash and found one that I picked up for a quarter last garage sale season.  I made the stencil with my cricut and a thank you note that we had been sent.  I just cut it out on the card and dry brushed it on.  Then I used Ralph Lauren glaze over the top.  Just brush on and rub off.  Easy Peasy.  Ilove how this turned out and needed a larger lamp in this area.  This replaced this lamp.




I also scored the little bird house on the other side.  I couldn't believe that nobody grabbed it not even in the bag sale.  It is so cute.


Well have sales started in your area yet?  I can not wait till they are in full bloom here. 

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My Button for Thrifty Thursday\

My Button for Thrifty Thursday-

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spring Decorating



We had a teaser last week with temps in the upper sixties.  This week they are predicting snow.  Ugh!!  This bad weather seams to be lasting a very long time.   I am ready for spring in a big way (and the start of garage sale season).  I just can't wait.  I have been busy decorating the house with my thrifty finds and pulling out my spring clothes!!!  I don't even want to hear the word snow!!!


Here are some pictures of the buffet in my dining room.  The paper Mache' bunny (which my three year old says is scary) was my mom's when she was growing up.  It is German.  The cloche was a score from the thrift store it was $1.00 the silver stand it sits on was from another thrift store and was also $1.00 it was a candy dish in it's former life.  The eggs were from Jo-Ann's and were my one new purchase everything else I already had in the house.  The candle is in a mercury glass dish and I just placed potpourri around it.  The chick salt and pepper shakers are vintage made in Japan .  I got them 15 years ago at a rummage sale.


The bowl is beautiful green and floral design it was my grandmother's.  The cake plate was a $1.00 at a garage sale.  The daisy came from a bag a potpourri.  The green branchy thing is a wreath from a yard sale 50 cents.  The silver tray was a dollar from a rummage sale.  The plate in the background was in a free box at a yard sale.  The ceramic eggs were .99 cents at the thrift store.  The scale was $4.00 at a yard sale and the baby is now 11.  The frame she is in came from a yard sale for a quarter.



The white milk glass lamps were $2.00 for the pair at an estate sale.  I want to do something to the shades, but haven't figured out what yet.    The cake server in the first picture was from a yard sale for $5.00 for both pieces.  The "mother" mug came from the thrift store and is made in Japan.  It was .39 cents.  I added more potpourri and a little picture of my son who is now 5!!!


Well what do you think are you ready for spring?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Centerpiece Nester Style



This is my version of the centerpiece that Nester made here. 

She recently sold it on EBay and it went for $46.00 plus shipping!!  Well as much as I love the Nester I didn’t have those kinds of extra funds.  So in true Nester style I did what she would do and made my own for much much less!!


I started with these two planters.  The one on the left with the palm tree is from the thrift store and was 50 cents on half price day.  One of the feet was broken off but was inside.  A little E6 glue and we were good to go.  The small one came from AC More and was on clearance for $4.00


Since they didn’t match I painted them both white and then added Ralph Lauren antique glaze027 

AHHH  much better.  I then started to add stuff.   Green and other stuff  I had laying around the house.  I just love how it came out!!! 


Total cost:  $4.50

Satisfaction of creating something beautiful that I love: PRICELESS!!!!!!

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