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Living Room Reveal

I just can’t wait any longer.  I still have about five projects left to really complete my living room, however I thought  since it has taken me since November I would show you my progress to date. Get ready and grab a cup of coffee this is probably the longest post in history with way to many pictures.

   This room was assembled over a significant period of time and and on a super tight budget.  As I collected stuff, as I could afford it, I put it away until after we were able to get the couch and and assemble the room.


before living room redo 039

before living room redo 009

Well this is how the far wall looked before.


Here is the after.

living room 003


You can see more about my gallery wall in this post here.   As I have mentioned about 1000 times before. the couch is from Ikea.  Since we live 4 hours from the nearest one, we decided to plan our vacation around getting a couch.  So we rented a U-Haul for $100 to get her home.

new camera new york city fist communion 531

We have a hitch on our truck already.  Also since we were already 4 hours away we splurged and drove an extra 10 miles to NJ, where the tax rate is 3.5 % versus the 8.5% in NY.  The Couch was $399. plus $14 for tax.  The tax in NY would be $34. so we saved $20.  Even with the U-Haul I don’t think that I could have done better locally on a couch and we looove it!  Not to mention we had such a great time we can’t wait to do it again next year(minus a new couch).

living room 028

living room 073

Three of the pillows are new and from pier one.  The two solid blue were on sale and the bird pillow was on clearance.  The cream color pillows are from a garage sale and were $3 for the pair.   The dark brown ones(there are two) are from the thrift store, thy were .99 cents each.  I made the other two and you can read about them here and here.   The blue table in the corner was one I had.  I simply took a can of Krylon blue ocean breeze to it. The lamp that is sitting on it came from a consignment shop, it was $25……way more than what I usually send when buying second hand.  I even left it in the store and went back the next day with my daughter to ask her opinion.  She said you will never find anything else like it, you love it and it’s cool.  SOLD!!!

On the coffee table I have a large vase from the thrift store.  I filled it with thrifted shells and the flowers are from the dollar store and Wal-Mart.  The vase was $2.99 and the flowerers were $4.00 for all of them.  The tray was $1.00 from a rummage sale and the mirror was .99 cents from the thrift store.  I had everything else.

living room 016

I remade the lampshade with one I got at a rummage sale for $1.00.  That is the third lampshade the lamp has had.  I even tried to buy a brand new shade and hated them all, including the one that is currently in my trunk waiting to be returned.

living room 018

living room 025


One of the projects that I have left is a trefoil design that I saw at the DIY Newlyweds.

living room 030


This is what the coffee table looked like when we got it.

living room 019

This is the left side of the room.  The shelf was bought a few years ago at an auction.  It was on the other side of the room and I my husband moved it.  I had everything on it except the milk glass cake stand and the clock that is sitting on it.  The clock came from an estate sale for $5.00 and the stand  was $1.99 from the thrift store.

living room 020

living room 024

living room 056


Our entertainment center armoire…….a craigslist find from a couple of years ago for $100.

living room 057

living room 060

This cabinet holds some of our toys.  I picked it up at the antique shop for $75.00.

living room 063

This is directly across the room from where we were.  The window and shutters separate our entry from our living room.  The cabinet also from the fabulous Craig was $20.  The chair on the right is a wing chair from the thrift store for $15.00, it is a Broyhill the blue on is a swivel rocker it came with it’s mate and matching ottoman for $50.00 also via craigslist.

Inside the cabinet.

living room 054

living room 055

living room 085

living room 084

We would have a lot more room without the children’s table and chairs, but there is no other place for them and they use it everyday.  This room is very multifunctional.  There are 8 of us in 1100 square feet of space!   That is total for the whole house.

living room 040

living room 032

living room 031

living room 033

The floor lamp is from Marshalls and was $39.99 on clearance.

living room 087

The small brown rug was on clearance for $24.00

living room 088

I really do live how it has turned out.  It is so peaceful to just go in there in the evening and hang out, surrounded by stuff that makes me smile.  I am also really happy that it came together for such a small price.

On a side note because I love to shop.way to much and I need to clear out some stuff.  So I can buy more.  I have decided to open an Etsy shop, to pass along some of my treasures.  So stay tuned to see what I have in store and if you see something in my home that you may like just ask it may be for sale.  Here is the link to my new Etsy shop.

Well I hope that you like my living room as much as we do!


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