Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Favorite Find of the Week…How could I Forget You !


Sunday night when I posted my thrifty finds from the past weekend I left some out.  Not because I didn’t want to share, but because I had put them away and did not what to go get them for pictures…….once it is away I am so done I am lazy oh so organized like that.  However I though about it and really could not let the week pass with out sharing my favorite find of the week.


On Friday my oldest(19 year old) and I headed to a couple of sales with the babies before she had to go to work.  There was an estate sale  I had to go to about 15 miles away out in the boon docks.  I wanted to go just to get one thing… a box of vintage postcards.  They had pictures of them online and they looked YUMMY!  Well after the longest drive in history I my kids have no patience, we finally arrive.  I had to get the other kids to school and the sale started at 8am, as a result it had already been going strong for over 2 hours.  However when we pull up there are tons of people still there.  OH NO!  I was hoping it was so far out nobody would want to drive out there.  Rotten luck!  Everything was outside under several tents and in some outbuildings.  I searched and searched….then finally right as I was giving up there they were in the last tent….all the way in the back of the tent.  Man these people making me work for my treasures.  Well then I see the price.  $30.00.  Thirty dollars.  Well I really want them.  But $30.  So I count them.  Each one.  I stop at 100 postcards.  They are from the turn of the last century through the 1920’s there may be some from a little later that aren’t postmarked, maybe.

Well I still don’t want to pay$30.  As if.  So I ask the dealer running the sale if he can do better.  “The first day.”  UM YEA.  “The best I can do is $25.”  SOLD!

So you may be wondering where is the fabulous find.   Well wait no longer here they are.


etsy june 7 2011 001


etsy june 7 2011 010

etsy june 7 2011 002

I would love more info.  on this political cartoon.

etsy june 7 2011 003


etsy june 7 2011 007

When I saw these picture postcards of Paris made in France I had to have them!

etsy june 7 2011 008

etsy june 7 2011 009

Well I hope you like my find as much as I do.  I can’t wait to go out again this weekend and see what new treasures I will find.   Are you looking forward to it too?


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  1. We both had about the same idea for today. You did a nice job on all these vintage cards.

  2. I'm ALWAYS up for a treasury hunt! Those postcards were a find! The Paris ones are swoon worthy!
    Thanks for visiting my blog :)


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