Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Some Of My Best Yard Sale Finds Ever!


When Nester announced that she was going to have a linky party for the best yard sales ever, I thought all right I am going to get right on that and be all ready to link up.  After all I have a week to write my post.  Well here we are the day of the party and the link has been up for over 3 hours and I am just starting my post now!


Oh well, I love to yard sale so let’s get on with the show and no more complaining!

First of all I would like to share some information about how I got started going to yard sales.  My first experience going to yard sales was in my early 20’s.  I was dating a guy whose mom was an immigrant to this country from Poland.  She was the nicest and generous lady, but she came here with NOTHING as many immigrants do.  Her and her husband spoke no English when they came here.  However with hard work and by being thrifty they made a life for themselves and their two children.  They owned not one but two houses, had two cars and were able to go on vacation.

Since I saw this as all good I was open to the idea of going to yard sales, even though it was contrary to the way I was raised.  I am still trying to convert my mom and dad!

Fast forward a couple of years.  New boyfriend who would become the husband, and like me he was raised that other peoples used stuff was inferior.  In fact his two favorite comments were: “IF it were any good they would keep it” and “I am not going to wear other peoples used stuff”.  Well when we were expecting our first child money was tight.  Due to health reasons I had to stop working early.  I needed stuff for the baby and I like expensive things.  So knowing I could get nicer things that were gently used I started yard sailing again.  He was very against this, but I was not easily deterred.  I would come home and make him look at all my treasures and show him how nice  they were.  He could not argue with the “new” looking baby  clothes and stuff.  I would sometimes find something for myself or the house(this was before my DIY days).  He would say that’s fine but don’t buy anything for me.  Well one day I was at a huge neighborhood sale and I found a pair of men's shoes in his size barely used in the box for $3.00.  I brought them home and presented them to him and he put them aside for about a month.  Then he needed a pair of shoes and brought them out.  They ended up being his favorite shoes.  He wore them into the ground and I had won him over in the process!!!!!!  Now he is my greatest yard sale buddy and has actually taken time off from work to go to a  big sale that we know will not disappoint.

Which brings me to some of my favorite finds.  Bet you didn’t think I was ever going  to get there!


I bought this vintage 1920’s set of suitcases last year for $5.00 for the set.  They are worth over $250 dollars.

6th grade Mass 034



I love red transferware and I found this huge set last year for $20.00 It is worth get this,  over $1000!!!!!



The corner cabinet that they are displayed in is also a favorite of mine.  It was $25.00.  My husband found it 4 years ago.


I just love this little guy.  He now holds office supplies.  He was just a quarter.  You can read more about him here.



This typewritter was $2.00 and you can read more about how I got it here.



OHHH and I love vintage jewelry!  This was $2.00 including the box.


My chandelier was $5.00 and the shades were .99 cents each ( the shades were from the thrift store though).


The buffet was $30.00.


Our coffee table was $25.00.  More on that in a future post to come soon.


This étagère was $30.00.  It is made of cast iron, it is a vintage piece that the previous owners redid.



These hutches were also $30.00 for both and have a little desk in between that connects them and a chair.

Well this is just a sampling of my favorite finds.   My favorite I don’t have a picture of and it is long gone.  It is those shoes and all that they represent for me.  Well I can’t wait to see what you all have found!

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