Monday, June 6, 2011

Living Room Before.


As I said yesterday,  we just got our first very first new couch ever!!!!!!!!  This of course spurred on a complete living room makeover.  However I never really ever posted before pictures.  So here are just a few.

before living room redo 017

Here is the beast that started it all.  We were able to give the couch away on freecyle.  It went to a man who didn't care how it looked.

before living room redo 009

As you look into the room this is the far left side.  Everything in this photo stayed in the room except the window, it no longer fits(size wise).  I still have it though and plan to use it some place in the house.  Some of the other stuff got a makeover of it’s own.  Everything has been moved.

before living room redo 008

Here is another shot of the trunk we use for an end table.  The little ottoman my grandfather made for my grandmother to keep her sewing supplies in.  My daughter now keeps her special toys in it.  It got a new fabric cover.  My vintage tool box with the books stayed.  Everyone, read my husband, thought that I was crazy when I brought it home.  That was until I filled it with the books.  Now who is crazy……..?  Crazy like a fox…….humph!  It was $3.00 at a yard sale.

before living room redo 040

This is further down on the left side.  The piece on the right is our TV armoire and the one on the left holds the kids toys.

before living room redo 042

before living room redo 019


This is the right side of the room.

before living room redo 018

before living room redo 021

The shutters act as a room divider………they definitely stayed!

before living room redo 022

The shutters were an amazing deal at a local antique shop.  Main Street Antiques in Homer, NY.  It is an awesome shop.   The day I bought the shutters I went looking for shutters.  As I pulled in there was a pile of them outside the shop with a sign that read $5.00 each.   WHAT THE @#%#!  SHUT UP.  Well I could not run up the two flights of stairs fast enough.  I’ll take four please.

My husband was then given the job of cleaning and rigging it so they would be hooked together.  He used hinges to secure three of them and we are using the fourth in another spot.

before living room redo 055

before living room redo 033

Here is the far right corner.

before living room redo 034

before living room redo 053

Here is the overall look of the room.  We did a lot of decluttering, and rearranged all the furniture.  The large green Volkswagen is gone  as well as the couch.  We also got new new curtains.  I still have about 5 more projects to complete before the room is done done, but they are minor cosmetic things and should not take me my husband long to complete them.

living room chairs, dom riding bike ansonia clock 030

Here is a sneak peak as to how the room looks today.

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