Friday, July 23, 2010

Thrifty Burlap Pillow

Well like I said yesterday, i have been doing deep cleaning and hoeing out here around the cottage.

As a result I have done no crafting...except for this pillow that I did yesterday afternoon when my plans suddenly changed.


It started with this pillow that I got at the  thrift store for .99 cents a couple of years ago.  It was originally from Pier One.  We used it as is on our desk chair as a back pillow.  On a side note this combined with my boppy  makes the perfect spot to nurse my baby (while I check out all of your fabulous blogs) even though he doesn't  like it if I type.


Any who it was starting to look a little shabby and not in the chic way.



See what I mean.

So a few weeks back I was at an estate sale and spotted a pile of vintage burlap bags.  Well they were $3.00 each so I left them there.  They had some other great stuff and we got talking with them.  Turns out our son is in their grandson's class.  They said that they would be putting out more the next day and I wanted to see if they marked anything down.  Everything that didn't sell was half price or less and the burlap bags were .50 cents each.... I bought them all!!!


Here is the one that I decided to use for this project.  It is huge!


So I used my pillow as a  template and just cut.


Well I cut it crooked and then decided to go back and use the top.


I then took this and ironed it to  the burlap.


This made the burlap nice and thick.  I was then able to iron the burlap to the pillow.  This would have worked better if I hadn't needed to go through so much fabric but I only wanted to do one side and leave the back as is so that I could take out the pillow form if I decided to.



This is how it looked with the adhesive , before attaching the pillow cover.

092  093

I then added some trim from a yard sale free box.


All ready to stuff.


And here she is all done.


And back in place.  Of course now the seat cushion needs to be recovered.  Do you ever feel like if you give a mouse a cookie...or if you give a home decorator a new pillow!!


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  1. One stitch at a time. Very nice makeover and wonderful step by step photos.
    Super price on the burlap.

  2. Now why can't I happen upon some of that burlap at that price? This pillow turned out great! I've never seen that adhesive, but I am sure going to be looking for it. Do you find it some place like Hobby Lobby? Thank you for giving the great directions, and thank you for linking this to Favorite Things Sat. Have a great weekend. laurie

  3. Nice idea. I just bought a couple of burlap coffee sacks that I'm deciding what to do with. Pillows or tablecloth have come to mind. Thanks for the directions.
    Have a great weekend! ~ Sarah

  4. Cute, clever idea. It looks so cute! Like Laure, I've never seen this adhesive. What's the source? :-) Sue


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