Monday, July 4, 2011

Holiday Weekend and a Neighborhood Sale.

Usually with the holidays the garage sale scene is a bust.  This weekend however was AWESOME!  First of all my husband usually has to work on Saturday.  This weekend however he had off since they exceeded quota for June, it is a holiday weekend and it is the beginning of the month.  Yea!  So Friday night, he asked me what I wanted to do on Saturday. Well let me think  YARDSALE…..did you really have to ask.  So we got the kids up at the crack of dawn and headed out to a neighborhood sale in our area.  It was great.
garage sale bowling green 7-2-11 018
For my collection of cream pottery.
garage sale bowling green 7-2-11 008
This was a quarter and is getting a makeover.
garage sale bowling green 7-2-11 019
These were each a dollar.
garage sale bowling green 7-2-11 021
garage sale bowling green 7-2-11 020
garage sale bowling green 7-2-11 009
This sale had a table where everything was .50 cents of 5 for $1.00, I found 5 things.
garage sale bowling green 7-2-11 007
garage sale bowling green 7-2-11 023
This stuff was actually from a barn sale we went to after the neighborhood sale.  The napkins were .25 cents each, I got 12 and the bracelet was $1.00, the earrings .50 cents each and the swizzle sticks were $2.00.
I love the swizzle sticks.
garage sale bowling green 7-2-11 025
garage sale bowling green 7-2-11 027
Back to the neighborhood sale.
garage sale bowling green 7-2-11 030
When I saw these I ran up the driveway hoping there wasn’t a sold sign on them.  I was in luck.  Of course my husband came up behind me wondering why I wanted such “ugly” chairs.  What ugly, these are vintage 1940’s chairs.  Well I paid for them and went back for them later. 
Then in the evening I found a picture in country living of “my” chairs.  He likes them a lot better now.  It doesn’t hurt either that they are oh so comfortable. 
garage sale bowling green 7-2-11 035
garage sale bowling green 7-2-11 036
garage sale bowling green 7-2-11 037
We are probably going to paint them, even though the ones in Country Living are chippy.
I decided to stop at one more sale when I was going back for the chairs.
garage sale bowling green 7-2-11 029
All this was $2.00
garage sale bowling green 7-2-11 028
This was $1.50
Another find right before finding the chairs is this.
tole lamp 004
tole lamp 003
This great tole lamp that was made in Italy.  I may sell it, even though it matches my living room and it is oh so pretty.  The details on it are amazing.  It even has the original shade.  I have never seen a shade so well made.
I also have a couple of more things that I wasn’t able to get photographed.  Mostly the kids stuff.
Well I hope that your long weekend has been fun and have a great day tomorrow.  We just got back from the fireworks tonight and we are going to go on a picnic tomorrow.
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  1. Those are awesome! They go for a minimum of $100 where I live. Find a glider like it and it will be $500! Tell that to your hubby!! :)

    You have a great eye for a bargain!


  2. Hi Michelle,
    You have some nice finds here. Thanks so much for visiting me and leaving such a nice compliment. I love the cozy down-to-earth feel of your blog. I'm a new follower. Keep posting!

  3. Love the vintage ribbons and trim! I think you should keep the pretty lamp.

  4. Great finds! Jealous of all those fabric trims. I'm sure you'll find a buyer if you put that lamp online- it's very pretty!

    Found you on through SH's Thrifty Treasures :)

  5. Really nice finds! I've been looking all over for some chairs like the ones you found. Love 'em!

  6. I just begged my mother out of the same EXACT chairs!! They previously sat on my grandparent's front porch. I've loved them all my life. Now I'm going to put them on my front porch. Are you going to re-paint them? Please post pics when you do!!

  7. I love those chairs! I have been looking everywhere for a good deal on a set and they are really hard to come by! You had some really good finds!


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