Sunday, October 24, 2010

How our dining room bar came to be.


You may remember this picture of the bar in our dining room sitting where our microwave sat till I was able to move it to our kitchen.  Well in this post I thought that I could show a little more of the area and tell how this area came to be.

Neither me or my husband really drink all that much, but I love the way that a vintage bar looks.  So when we finally had a place to put one I decided to go for it.  This is how it looked when I first arranged it but I am currently tweaking it for the holidays.  I would show you pictures that are more current but the computer is sick :(

Anywho.,  this is still the basic set up.  We started with a cabinet that I picked up at an auction I attended the summer of 09 with my then 6 year old son.  We had a blast just the two of us.  We came home with a minivan FULL of furniture for about $200.00.  This particular cabinet was $60.00.  Here it is modeled by three year old Miss T.


Here is one that shows a little bit more of the cabinet:)


This is sold wood and I didn't do anything to it  except I had remove some cubbies that were on the back so the microwave would fit.  You can see the outlines on the back.  This piece is great, it has so much storage.  We keep out placemats that we use everyday in the drawer and misc. stuff  in the bottom.  Believe me when I say misc. that's what I mean.  There is our hot air popper in there the last of my microwave dishes that i have yet to move(yea that says July on the picture) there is some of my fabric stash, candles and much more.  I just love to store my junk behind closed doors!


Then I wanted some thing with some height so I grabbed one of the leaded windows that we had gotten at another auction earlier this past summer.  We won a lot of four windows for $80.   I just love these.  I have a plan of what I want to do with one more of these and will probably sell the other two on Craigslist.


I also added a lace runner from my stash.  I never pay more than .50 cents for one of these.


Next came one of my shutters this was .50 cents the picture was .25 cents and hat a very gold frame.  I used crackle medium on it then painted white acrylic paint over that and  made a vintage button wreath to go around it.


This mirror I swiped from my dresser.  I have owned it for at least 8 years and bought it originally for $2.00.

Here is a close up of the detail!


Oh and the mess on the dining room table.  And yes my arm!


Here she is all done and and a close up of the decanters.  The two in the middle were my grandparents and the two on the sides were from the thrift store one was $1.99 (the one on the left) and the other was $2.99. The large silver  tray was .50 cents at a yard sale and so were the two small ones.  The glass and the swizzle sticks as well  shot glasses were my grandparents.  The martini mixer was $1.00 at an estate sale this past summer and the vintage shaker was $1.00 from the thrift store.  The silver ice bucket was also from the thrift store.  It was bought two years ago in the winter it was $5.00 and I waited till it went on sale 1/2 off .  So I got it for $2.50. It sits on a cast iron stand that I got at the very end of an estate sale for $2.00. The vintage tags were $2.00 from a rummage sale.  The wine glasses were a wedding present.  The liquid is box wine that is so old I am actually afraid to even try to drink it.


I am looking forward to using this for Thanksgiving.  My mom and dad are coming down to spend the holiday with us and are staying overnight.  This will be the first time we have hosted Thanksgiving.  I am really excited and have already started planning!  Have you begun to make your plans too!  Will you be hosting?


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  1. Hello! I think this might be my first time visiting! I love what you've gotten at the auctions and what you've done with them. You've given me an idea for an old door I have stored away!
    Hope you have a fantastic week,

  2. I wanna go to your house ;) haha, It looks great, and inspiring. I have some ceramic labels I purchased at an estate sale for decanters but haven't set up a bar. I have saved them though. You did a great job, tami from the high street cottage

  3. love the mirror and ice bucket! and you seems to score big time! love the decanters too! thanks for sharing!

  4. I love the look of a vintage bar too and we don't drink much either. But we could if we wanted to, right? Great finds and super great deals.

  5. The bar look great! And I like the bevled glass window that is a great find. Thank's for stopping by today....Julian

  6. Very nice vignette! And you also found a lot of good buys!

  7. Still LOVE this!
    Especially the leaded window!! It is yumminess!!
    I tried to email you :)
    But here's the message:


    I hope you get this!

    If not, I will post it on your blog.

    I am so sorry!
    I just mailed the Give Away package today!
    I had it boxed before Relevant, but, in all the busyness, I forgot to mail it!

    Please forgive me!
    I am sorry to cause you worry!

    Here is the FedEx link, so you can follow it along:

    Put in this #:

    Again, I am so sorry to make you worry and look for it everyday and it was still here!

    It should be there on the 2nd!

    I pray you enjoy all of it!

  8. P.S> I see the gin bottle is empty--which wouldn't bother me a bit since I hate gin, LOL! :)

  9. Love the cabinet and the leaded glass window! We're not drinkers either but I just love the way decanters look so I have a collection of those.


  10. I so LOOOOVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE this bar set!! LOVE it!!! And you know, that lead glass window would be perfect in a gardener's cottage, just saying. LOL


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