Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Vintage Bar, why didn't I think of this sooner.

Well I said that I would post at least three times a week and by golly a computer with a virus and a camera that is going wacky and not being able to import pictures is not going to stop me. 

So I figured that I would do a post that I have had in draft for a couple of months.

Well my kitchen is very small and has very limited counter space.  So we never had any place in the kitchen for the microwave.

So last summer my oldest daughter was throwing away her old desk.    As it sat in front of the house in the sun on it's way to the dump I looked at it and noticed it's curvy legs and just as my husband went to pick it up I said "wait".  I think we can transform this into an extra cabinet in the kitchen.

I have no before pictures because this was before I started blogging.   But here is what she looked like after I moved her into the kitchen months later finally getting the microwave out of the dining room.  This makes using the microwave much more convenient as well.



We cut off the writing area and took the top completely off.  The butcher block is actually a piece of a bowling alley that was switching from wood to synthetic lanes and was throwing away the wood.  (This was in the 80's days of excess.)  I also added a 25 cent rod that I bought at a yard sale and some curtain ring clips also from a yard sale(50 cents)  The curtain is a dish towel and I change it with my mood.  The original desk was white.  We spray  painted it red and added yellow for the detail.  I am not fond of the handle but my husband picked it out.


In the place of the microwave in the dining room I decided to add a vintage style bar.  This is how it looked when I finished.


Everything here was thrifted.  Stay tuned and I'll write a more in depth about that in another post.  So I guess this is a sneak peak.


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  1. That looks fabulous! Marcia

  2. Hi Michelle, I am your newest follower. You have the most wonderful "thrift finds". I cannot wait to see more posts on them. Thank you for visiting *hugs*

  3. I love the look of the vintage bar! Great change to the computer desk also!

  4. Now I'm your newest .hehe.....I looooove your magazine tree.. maybe my boys will be ready to make one for me... because he already made a clown with this technique for art class.... Love your milk glasses too.I have the one at the side of the tree...Happy Holidays form Puerto Rico


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