Thursday, October 14, 2010

I can't believe I won. Pinch me!

I am still in shock!  I won my very first blog giveaway ever!  Not only that but it was from one of my very favorite bloggers the fabulous Leslie of Goodbye House Hello Home.



Leslie is wonderful and her blog really reflects this.    As evidence her post What Ingredients are You Using- or Antique Mantel Makeover, Jamaican Honeymoon-Style or the one that sold me White Matelasse Slip-covered Wingback Chairs.  Just check these babies out.  She is so oober  talented.

Ohh and check out what she did with and extra kitchen that was in her basement(an in-law apartment).




Leslie is not all fluff either.  Every Sunday she features a photograph taken by one of her daughters and a bible verse.  She also wrote a very beautiful two part post on depression.  It was so personal and touching that I have printed it off so that I can refer to it again.

She is also really generous .  She has two wonderful posts on how to sell on Ebay which you can view here and here.   You also  know this if you have ever entered one of her giveaways.  For the Fall one that I just won I am going to receive:


A beautiful coir mat.  We won't be able to help but think of Leslie every time we see this!  Miss A who is 12 can't wait till this comes and we can get rid of the old one(he he).  She so takes after her mother!


This fabulous three wick candle in one of my favorite scents, vanilla.  The candle is sitting in a round wire Better Homes and Gardens basket(I have seriously wanted one of these forever) and is surounded  by leaf garland.  I can never get enough leaves in at fall.  This is going to stay as is for now and will be my centerpiece on my kitchen table.  Can't wait.  I have been trying to figure out what to put there!

Next up is a leaf plate.  I can't wait to play with this  and figure out where to put it.  I have several ideas though.  Leaves are my absolute favorite and I have nothing like this.


Ohhh and check this out!  A faux fur and suede throw!  It gets really cold here in New York.  I can already see myself curling up in it watching Glee.  Painting my nails with that yummy nail polish.

Peeking out of the throw, a beautiful vintage postcard.  I just love these I have a bunch of Christmas ones but none for Thanksgiving. 



Yea more leaves!!!


Last but not least Leslie's favorite magazine.  I am sure this will be one of my favorites as well. 


I am especially looking forward to this article!


Well if all this were not enough Leslie also said the sweetest things about me!  Leslie is definitely one of the bloggers that I would love to get to know in person.  So Leslie if you are ever in New York drop me a note so we can get together.  To the rest of you if you have not been to Leslie's blog.........  GO NOW!!! You won't be disappointed.

Thanks again Leslie and thank you to everyone that left congrats over at Goodbye House Hello Home.


  1. So happy for your win!!! It is so exciting! What till it all comes in the mail, you will have so much fun opening it!!

  2. Congratulations on a perfect win! I'm so jealous! Marcia

  3. What a special, precious post!
    I am so so so thrilled that you are so so so thrilled!
    I blesses my heart to have you as my friend.
    Really, it does.
    You are so welcome!!

  4. P.S. If I am in NY, I promise to let you know :)
    First stop in your home? The dining room bar, LOL!


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