Monday, November 15, 2010

Perfectionism, Procrastination, and Picasa


This post is as much for me as it anyone else.

  Although I do hope that others will read it. 

First of all I really hate to read blogs that are all

words.  I like a nice mix of words to picture

ratio.  This leads me to the perfectionism part of

post.  As I have said before our computer and our

camera are both acting up and I am unable to

import any new photos.  You may wonder what

that has to do with perfectionism.  Due to the fact

that my blog post won’t be “perfect” I fail to act at

all.  This leads into my second “p” procrastination

putting it off so long that it NEVER gets done.



Finally my third and very best “p”.  Picasa.  This is a photo editing software that is just amazing.


However I can’t show you because I can’t figure out how to get my pictures from my Picasa file to my Windows Live Writer.


But just to show you that I am working on overcoming my faults I am going to publish this any way, with a picture that I WANT to show you how I have made it over!  Did you follow that Smile.087

This is picture of me that my husband took when we went to an auction at a mansion.  Going was our anniversary and my birthday present back in 2009.  This house was amazing I wish we had taken more pictures!!!


Well hopefully I can get past my weaknesses and get in a few more blog posts.  Oh and if anyone knows what I am doing wrong PLEASE  let me know!


  1. An auction at a mansion? Now that's lucky!!!

    I have no idea what you're doing wrong. I can't even figure out how you got your words to be so big! I still haven't figured out how to enlarge my fonts and add links....even though people have sent me directions!!

    Good to hear from you,

  2. I'm with Jill. I have not mastered fonts and colors yet, or buttons and plug-ins. However, we have been having uploading difficulties lately too and I have not been blogging recently. I am trying to read blogs and comment, but I am sure that if I am "gone" much longer I will have to start over.


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