Sunday, October 3, 2010

An Absentee Blogger and the Versatile Blogger Award

I really can't believe that it has been 2 months since my last post and I am vowing to be better.  No excuses but pretty much my life has looked like my desk for the last 2 months.  As embarrassing as it is to show this here it is.


For all of August it seamed like I kept getting further and further behind.  So when the kids went back to school in September I really needed to play catch up.

However now it is October and the kids have settled into school and I ready to commit to blogging at least 3 days a week more if I can.


Well in other news while I was on hiatus I received


I received my first blogging award from Betty @My Mink Betty.  So was so thrilled to receive this .  Thanks so much Betty!


Well there are a few rules that come with the award:  You have to thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.   Check.  Then you have to share seven things about yourself.  So here goes seven things about me:

1.  Before getting married I worked full time as a nurses aide.

2. I work now part-time in my children's school in the afterschool program.

3. I HATE laundry.

4. I have won several awards/ribbons for my pies .

5. My husband and I had our first date at our State Fair.

The Great New York State Fair

6.  We were married on September 11th, years before the attacks.  We were remarried on May 25th.

7.  My husband and I have only bought  two brand new pieces of furniture since we have been married other than mattresses.  One when we were first married, a particle board entertainment center on clearance for $100.  I hated this piece and it is long gone having been replaced with a beautiful all wood entertainment armoire from Craigslist for $100.  The second our dining room table.  This is also the most expensive thing (other than our mattress and box spring) that we own it was $1000 for just the table and no chairs at a furniture gallery that was going out of business.  We still have and love and use it everyday but the kids have really abused it and 2 months after we bought it we found one at Bouckville, an antique with chairs for $800.  We both looked at each other, you know the look.   Uggggh!  So we have decided we will only  buy second hand from now on.


O.K that is seven things about me.  Now onto rule three.  Pass on the award to 15 blogs.  So here are 15 of the many many that I enjoy.


1. Leslie@ Goodbye House, Hello Home

2. Krista@ The Gathering Place Design

3. Carmie@The Single Nester


5. Regina@ Regina's Rose Cottage

6. Missy@ The Little Green Bean

7. Maryann@ Domestically Speaking

8. Marjorie@ Crazy Cat Decor

9. LV@Thoughts from Meme-'s corner

10.Stephanie Lynn @ Under The Table and Dreaming

11. Tanya@ Make the best of what-'s around

12. Allison@ A Glimpse Inside

13. Mikey@ Shabby French Cottage

14. Nicole@ Made by Nicole

15. Doni@ Faith, Grace, and Crafts

These are all such wonderful blogs you will want to be sure to check them all out.

A special thank you to LV who introduced me on Pink Saturday before my hiatus.


I miss you all and all your wonderful comments!


  1. Hey Michelle!

    If you need motivation to get organized, just watch "Hoarders"! Believe me, for the past 5 weeks, it's all I've been doing. I'm like obessed with decluttering (but that doesn't stop me from thrifting!) The way I see it, as long as stuff is still going out, more can still come in. And it all gets donated again anyway so it's just part of recycling and living alittle green!

    Good to have you back,

  2. Hi Michelle! Thanks so much for the award and I will do my best to follow through with the rules of the award...the hardest part though is going to be picking 15 blogs to send it to!
    So glad you're able to slow down enough to start getting caught up! Remember the old saying:
    "How do you eat an elephant? Answer: One bite at a time". I've always remembered that and choose to look at all the piles of work I have to get through as though they are each an elephant! Hope to see more of you on your blog!
    Blessings, Doni

  3. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!! I'll be busy with with my blogging duties associated with this all day!!! I'm glad you're back at the helm! One thing I do to help with clutter is to have lots of 'hidy places', i.e. old boxes, baskets, furniture with drawers, etc. That way--I can shove clutter in there and enjoy a clean home, then I tackle one of my 'hidy places' at a time, generally tossing or selling everything I have shoved in there--it really helps me be slightly less of a pack rat.

  4. Thanks so much for passing this award on to me and for letting me know! :) Much appreciated. I hope you do try that garland. It is super easy!

  5. Thank you so much for the award! It's always so flattering to me that someone finds my blog award-worthy! I really appreciate it. Thank you again, much love...Tanya

  6. Hiya!
    Who are you again?!?!?LOL!
    Glad to see you again :)
    I know it!
    My month of August was a blur and so was half of September.
    Had to laugh, there's nothing like an award that makes us wanna blog!
    You deserve one!
    I am anxious to see your posts again!
    Did you get that desk cleared off?
    (I feel your pain).
    Thank you for the beautiful award.
    I am not sure I am deserving, but I accept it with great gladness, Michelle!

  7. Michelle, what a nice surprise when I read my Pink Saturday comments. I do not get on computer too much over the weekend. We all need a break from it. I am thrilled to receive this award. I will try my best to follow the rules, but sometimes they are just too much for me. Thank you again my friend.


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