Monday, August 15, 2011

Thrifting with Mom

Well I broke down and spent this weekend.  My parents live an hour away from us,  so I don’t usually see them all that often.  Probably about once a month  usually.  Up until last year my mom worked full time.  Now because of a bad back she can’t do the drive back and forth in one day.  However last month my dad had a stroke.  So now I am traveling up there three days a week.  Mostly to see and spend time with my dad at the hospital, but my mom is lonely so I am spending time with her as well.  Well this week she asked me if I could come up and spend Saturday with her and then we would go see my dad.  So after my husband came home from work I traveled up to spend time with my mom.  We had a wonderful time.  We passed a couple of garage sales and stopped and we went to the thrift store.  She also made me a fantastic dinner.  If that wasn’t enough she gifted me a box of groceries!  We then sat and talked for hours.  I finally left at 11:00 pm.  We always talk on the phone each day ( always have) and she is already plotting when we will be able to do this again.


So here is what I splurged on.

thrifting with mom 8-13-2011 003

This was the end of a three day sale and they wanted the stuff gone.  The lady said if I was interested in these I could have them all for a quarter.

thrifting with mom 8-13-2011 002

At this sale they had bunches of interesting things, but you  could tell that the wife didn’t want to part with anything.  She originally wanted $5.00 a piece for the beaded greenery and the candelabra.  I walked away from the greenery and her husband said “three dollars”.  With the candelabra there is a small chip on it so I pointed it out and she said “you make me an offer”  mind you it was after three by this time.  I said “ how about $1.00”  Yes I low balled her, she kinda got on my nerves by this point.  She said how “about two”  “ok two”.


Then I thought that the thrift store was going to be a bust too.  We went down several aisles, and I found nothing.  Finally in the back of the store I found a few things.

thrifting with mom 8-13-2011 004

It seemed like they had really marked up their prices since the last time I had been there.  I think that I found stuff that had been priced before.  Most of the purses were $4.99. This one is an Ann Taylor Loft and it was $1.99. The Thermos mug was .99 cents.  The milk glass compote was also .99 cents.

Then I found this Gymboree jacket for my baby for $4.99.

thrifting with mom 8-13-2011 006

Perfect for fall.

The best find of the day.

thrifting with mom 8-13-2011 005

This adorable little seersucker Gymboree jacket. It was on clearance for $1.59!


But that’s not all folks.  Our Rescue Mission Thrifty Shopper in my town is part of the same company as the one near my mom.  They have a frequent shopper card.  I had $5.15 cents on my card, so I got all this stuff for $5.99 including tax!


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  1. That is so nice you got to spend a great day with your mom! Fun finds!

  2. Sorry to read about your dad, but glad you got to spend a great day with mom!!
    I don't really like milkglass, it's always reminded me of those hospital bouquets in the glass-door fridges, but that compote is sooo cute!!!

  3. Great finds, especially the kids clothes. More importantly, I am so sorry to hear about your Mom's bad back and your Dad's stroke. God bless them and may the good Lord heal them! It's so tough to have medical problems. My heart goes out to them.


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