Friday, August 5, 2011

Quick Crafts From My Stash

Well I am still not spending any money, I even passed by a yard sale today and didn’t stop.  I may go through withdrawal this weekend so I think that I will not leave the house till after the garage sales are all closed up for the day!


So yesterday I showed you the area over and to the right of my stove.  You may remember that it looked like this.

kitchen tweeking!  some etsy 037

Well even though I liked it a lot better the are right above the stove needed something more.  So I thought about it for a while and was going to use a little silver tray to make a chalkboard, but the more I thought about it the more I didn’t like the idea.  Mainly because I am short and it would be hard to write on.  Also I had visions of my six year old climbing on a chair to write on it….while the stove was on!  So in the end I decided to make a sign. 

So I remembered that I had gotten a small shelf at the dollar store.  It was supposed to sit on brackets and was made of wood.  I spray painted it white. and then took a piece of red with white polka dot scrap book paper and broke out the handy dandy Mod Podge.  For some reason I only took one before or during photo.  One of the shelf and paper and one of the fabric that I used as an embellishment.  I don’t know what I was thinking?

cafe sign and cottage stand 009

The fabric came from a supply swap that I did last year with Jill from Bucks County Folk Art.  Jill is a real artist unlike me so it was a little intimidating.  But she sent me this wonderful stack of fabric squares in my favorite colors.

cafe sign and cottage stand 007

cafe sign and cottage stand 008

So I picked out four that I thought would work for this project and used this fabulous You Tube video to try to make some vintagy looking fabric yo yos.  It was made by Kim and Kris of The DIY Dish.  If you have not been to their website go now……well after my post Smile.  This is now my new favorite thing I could make yo yos all day long.  Anyway I also went back to my ribbon and trim stash.  When everything was done this is what I had come up with.

cafe sign and cottage stand 025

The letters I printed out of vinyl on my Cricut.  I used vinyl for two reasons 1. I wanted to be able to change what it says and 2. I wanted black lettering and did not have any black scrapbook paper.

cafe sign and cottage stand 028

The yellow rick rack was exactly that length when I found it in my stash.

yo yos 002

Here is a close up of the yo yos.  I used vintage buttons for the centers.  My mom found them for me at our school bazaar  last November on the white elephant table.  She bought me a small mason jar full for .50 cents!

yo yos 003

I really love how this has turned out!


MY next project for today was this area.

kitchen tweeking!  some etsy 022

The first part was easy I just needed to get rid of the clutter and neaten the top of the bread box.

cafe sign and cottage stand 003

It looks better in person.  My daughter painted the bread box.  It is one of my favorite things in the kitchen.  She did it a couple of years ago.  I had originally found the bread box at a yard sale for $1.00.  Someone had already painted it white.

cafe sign and cottage stand 006

Next up this little baby.  I like it but it is much to dark for my liking.  I have wanted to paint it since picking it up last year at a yard sale, I could just never decide how I wanted to paint it.  I was going back and forth between white and red.  Well today I decided to make it red.  So I went down to the basement to my spray paint stash and………..not a single can of red paint.  So white it is!

Well after painting it just as I expected it was a little to plain for my bright cottage kitchen.  So I added some little red pom pom trim to the trays.

cafe sign and cottage stand 016

I then added some vintage trim I picked up this past weekend ( it was still July)to the handle and used some more to make a little bow.

cafe sign and cottage stand 018

cafe sign and cottage stand 019

cafe sign and cottage stand 021

And here she is all decked out.  I made a couple of fabric scrap balls to go with it.

Here is how this all looks now as you are entering the kitchen.

cafe sign and cottage stand 031

We have no dishwasher so the drain board pretty much stays put!

Next up getting the snowman off the front of the cabinet Smile


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  1. OOOOO!!! Red being my favorite color, I particularly love this!

    It's so nice to see someone else who actually doesn't have a dishwasher and needs to keep that drainboard out. We thought we were the only left in the US without one!

  2. No dishwasher Yikkes!!! I think it is cute as a button and so is the plate rack.


  3. I love making yo-yo's also. Your vintage buttons really made them pop. Love what you did to your cute plate stand. Bet your glad you were out of red paint. The white really made your strawberry stand out.


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