Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August the month not to spend money.

I have been inspired by other bloggers who have either not spent any money or limited the amount that they spent for either a month or some for a WHOLE YEAR!  Most recently Sarah from Thrifty D├ęcor Chick  used July not to buy anything for her home and instead tackled her stash instead.
So I have decided to try to do the same.  No spending!  I will need to get the kids some stuff for school and we need some car work.  But I am going to go through my stash of stuff first, make a list  and have a plan.
The last time we went out to eat it cost us $86.00 plus a tip!  So that won’t be happening.  I am going to go through my cookbooks and recipes pantry and freezer.  I am going to plan menus and have a list before going to the store.
Of course I am going to keep collecting Swagbucks.  Last month I was able to purchase 6 bottles of  Mrs. Meyer's Clean dish soap for .79 cents, for all 6.  I turned my points in for Amazon gift cards.
So how am I doing here on day three?  Well pretty good.  Saturday is my marketing day, so we are making do with what we have in the house for food.  Last night was spaghetti and ditalini pasta with pizza sauce over it and a can of veggies ( the kids kept asking where the meatballs were).  Tonight was frozen corn dogs, tossed salad (made with the  remnants of veggies in the crisper) and pretzels.  Tomorrow we will have BBQ chicken, rice and frozen corn.
Also to keep my creative juices flowing keep myself from going completely bored I tweaked my kitchen just a little using what I had in the house.
kitchen tweeking!  some etsy 008
Here is the counter next to the stove before (I wish I had noticed the side of the fridge before, but no).
kitchen tweeking!  some etsy 012
This vintage canister of which I have a complete set is the inspriation for my kitchen.  So working with these colors I decided to add a little and make this area more me.
kitchen tweeking!  some etsy 011
So I grabbed this cake stand and played around with my stuff that I use over here.
I knew I wanted to keep my kitchen tools, my sugar bowl, salt and pepper shakers, the vintage scale with the juice glasses, the coffee mugs and cutlery holder.  There was also a green depression glass tray that was there that you could not see.
kitchen tweeking!  some etsy 010
Other than the cake stand all I added was a little red Pyrex refrigerator dish with my Equal packets that I use everyday.
Next up was to change the ribbon in the cake stand.  So off to my stash I went.
kitchen tweeking!  some etsy 013
This is only a small portion of that stash.  But I found what I wanted and quit looking!
kitchen tweeking!  some etsy 014
I though about gluing them together but in the end it worked just fine leaving them separate.
kitchen tweeking!  some etsy 015
So starting in the back I weaved them in and out.
kitchen tweeking!  some etsy 016
All done! 
kitchen tweeking!  some etsy 017
On to the next spot!
kitchen tweeking!  some etsy 023
My stove area.  The other burner cover was in the sink, we do have two!
Take the stuff off of the shelf.  Reposition the children’s plates and make the black salt and pepper shakers not look so not me.
So after removing everything I decide to tackle the salt and pepper shakers.
kitchen tweeking!  some etsy 025
I remembered that there was a link to print free Cath Kidston labels.  I love Cath Kidston stuff it has a wonderful vintage feel. and went in search of it.  You can find it here.  There were several to choose from and they have the instructions with them on what to do.  So I picked the one that I liked and saved it to my computer as a Jpeg and was then able to edit it in Piknik.  cath kidston label how to 001
You right click and save.
cath kidston label how to 002
cath kidston label how to 003
cath kidston label how to 004
Once you are in Picasa you can then edit in Picnik.  They are both free to download.
cath kidston label how to 005
In create I picked add text.  Then picked the font I liked. Typed the word and changed the color and size.
cath kidston label how to 006
cath kidston label how to 007
cath kidston label how to 008
cath kidston label how to 009
cath kidston label how to 010
I then saved it to Picasa selected print and chose the size I wanted.  I chose wallet size.
cath kidston label how to 011
cath kidston label how to 011
cath kidston label how to 012
I then cut out the images and grabbed the Mod Podge and set out to work.
kitchen tweeking!  some etsy 027
kitchen tweeking!  some etsy 028
I liked how they turned out so well I decided to make one for our cinnamon sugar shaker.  The only difference was that I remembered that I had read somewhere to spray clear spray paint on the printed image before using the Mod Podge.  Well I had some so I tried it out and will be redoing these using that method.
kitchen tweeking!  some etsy 034
I am also going to add a little ribbon to the toothpick holder.
kitchen tweeking!  some etsy 036
I took some double sided tape and stuck the little plate to the shelf and the bigger one to the stove.  I used the stove tonight and so far so good.
kitchen tweeking!  some etsy 037
kitchen tweeking!  some etsy 032
I also took a vintage muffin tin and added some votive candles to it.  Tomorrow I will finish tackling the next counter, and fix the side of the fridge Smile
So stay tuned to see how the rest of the month goes.
kitchen tweeking!  some etsy 035
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  1. Wow this is so impressive!! Sounds like you are doing really well at this.Those labels are really adorable.

  2. I really need to do this for at least a month. Maybe I'll try it in September. I love that thing to the left of the stove with the apples on it. Is it a breadbox maybe? Very cute graphic on it!

  3. Yes Pam it is a bread box. That is the area that I am doing next. My daughter was the one that painted it, I am so thrilled that you noticed it.

  4. Love your labels! That was a fab idea!

  5. Great ways to fluff your kitchen and not spend a dime! I was just thinking that I need to go on another spending freeze and just use what I have-

  6. It looks great. I woke up this morning with the goal of not shopping this month as well. You have inspired me to craft with what I have already bought. Thanks.

  7. Great plan to use your stash for the month of August! I love how you have rearranged your items and made them even more to your liking. Very nice! I'm inspired to do the same.

  8. I love the plan for not spending for the month of August. We are doing the no eating out this month. We also spend nearly $100 when we take all five of us out to eat and it kills us! I am currently building a lemonade stand for the kids to use at our community garage sale next weekend purely out of all my scrap lumber =) I can't wait until it's finished! I hope you will come share this at my VIP party today.

  9. The labels and the entire vignette is wonderful. I especially love the vintage scale! Thanks for joining the Open House party this week and take care.


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