Monday, June 7, 2010

Busy Busy Busy!!!!


I can not believe how long it has been since I last posted.   So many things in my real life have been going on. 

Number one is graduating from high school at the end of the month.

Number two has pneumonia and has been out of school for almost three weeks.  She is ok as long as she is quite and doesn't do much.

Number three  and five have the end of the year parties that I am helping with.

Number four has his reading log that needs to be found and finished.

Number six wants to be outside all day long, which means that I have to be with her



In addition my camera ran out of batteries and we were out of AA's .  I was in the middle of photographing my thrifty finds for that week.  It was my BIRTHDAY and I got myself some really good stuff.  Like this child's church pew.  It was $3.00.  I had been searching high and low for something that would fit in this spot.  I wanted something that my kids could sit on when they put on or take off their boots in the winter.  This is a very small space and it needed to be short enough to fit under the hooks that hold their coats  and back packs.  I also wanted to still be able to keep their bins with their shoes under the coats still.  This fits the bill completely.  I LOVE it!!!



Well I had gotten the bench photographed, ran out of batteries, sat the camera down.........could not find it for over two weeks.  Yes two weeks.  I sat it on top of  a book in the bookcase.  My husband and I looked and looked for it.  No luck.  Then finally I was putting away a book and what do you know mia  camera.


So I have so much to post that I am not sure where to start.  So keep on the look out for me!  

Have you ever lost something that was staring you in the face?

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  1. That pew is the BEST! I've always wanted one for our home, until I realized there was no space for it! It'll come in so handy. Knowing you, it'll probably be painted in a week!

    Hang in there, summer's almost here.


    ps Oh! Remember you sent me a string of pearls for our swap? Check out my blog to see how I used them!! They were EXACTLY what I needed!


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