Thursday, June 17, 2010

So what happens when you are really busy?

YOU GET SICK!  I have pneumonia.  I have never been so sick in my life.  I am barely able to get out of bed.  Of course in addition to the  "normal" symptoms of pneumonia , I have a special one too.  I have a constant headache.  At first I thought it was a migraine so on day three I went to the doctors and she gave me medication for migraine and had me wait.  she came back in about 30 minutes later and asked me how I felt.  EXACTLY the same!  So she says it's not a migraine and gives me a shot of Nubane  for pain and to control the cough and a script for Tylenol w/ Codeine.  So I am pretty much higher than a kite in a slight fog most of the day.  On the upside before it wears off my head doesn't  hurt and I am not coughing.  Can't drive and am missing a week of work without pay.  Oh well could be worse.  I could have two children home from school throwing up......oh, yea I do!!!!


Well before I got sick I did manage to get in a project that I have wanted to do for a very long time.


We I had bought a crib at a yard sale when I was pregnant for our sixth child four years ago.  I had wanted to put her in it and keep my son in his.  My husband didn't like it and wanted to move our son to a toddler bed.

So we moved the crib to the basement for a year.  When we were cleaning out the basement we brought it up and tried to sell it and then just give it away.  Nobody wanted it so we sat it out back till we got around to donating it. 

Well it sat there in the elements so long we could no longer donate it.  So rather than throw it away we I decided to upcycle it!

I took the rails and used them first in projects that I will write about later.

The headboard and footboard still have not been used, but I have a plan for what I want to use them for.

However I had no idea what to do with the mattress springs..........until

I saw  this from the fabulous Donna at Funky Junk Interiors.  I knew what I was going to do with the crib springs that have sat in our backyard for over a year getting just the right amount of rust patina.


The wreath and the chalkboard were from a yard sale and were each .50 cents.

The red box was originally brown, had a rail that was crooked and the most hideous flowers (sorry there was no before picture).  It was .49 cents at the thrift store.

I had the rest of the stuff.

The mustard spice jar that holds the chalk was from the antique store and was one of three that I got for $1.00.

The milk glass vase was .99 cents and the flowers and greenery was .50 cents.  These daffodils are really cool because they are made of felt.

The "M" is really an upside down "W" I bough it from etsy, it was $10.95.  It was once a letter in a Marquette in the mid-west.


I want to do something to the light switch cover.


I lived with it like this for a little while.  Then I added some vintage coat hangers like Donna.


I didn't like it here.  So I shopped the house and found this little star hook that I had picked up at a yard sale for .5 cents.........yes five cents.  It is cast iron no less.


It needed something to balance it so I put on these little fry pans that I found years ago at a yard sale.


I also decided last night that I was feeling well enough to do a little decoupage.  So I went ahead got out my wallpaper book that I picked up out of a free box at a yard sale a couple of years ago.  Found a nice ticking to cover the light  switch.

I had also previously added a milk glass urn picked up before I got sick for .25 cents and in it I put an eraser we had on hand.


The easer also got a makeover.


I love how this looks!!!!  I may also be done screwing with tweaking it.

I am also very happy with how much I spent on this (I already had the "M" the vase and the flowers, and the spice jar).  Total for stuff bought for this project : $1.80.  I also was able to rescue something that would have ended up in the dump.  It makes me smile.


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    I sure hope you and your kids feel better soon.

  2. So sorry you are sick. Take care of yourself and rest when you feel worn out, or even before. Hope your kids get better soon, too. That said, I love your mattress spring wall hanging. I also saw the one on Funky Junk so yours really sparked my interest. I'm thinking about putting one on the side of a garden shed. Get well soon, sweetie.

  3. I wish I still had an old crib so I could use the springs! Great use of an old item. Please stop by my blog and say hi.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Well now how cool is this?!!? You graduated from mattress spring junkin' with honors! :) And it's just so much fun to change around too upon whim.

    Thanks for the mention. :)


  5. Hope everyone (including you) is on the mend by now. The crib springs are so cool. I've seen people take the full bed springs, suspend them from the ceiling and grow philodendron vines thru them, using the springs as a room divider. Found u thru FJSNS. Following along. Pam @ Sallygoodin

  6. Okay that is too cool! I love it!
    becky at

  7. Hi, Michelle. I just started a blog a couple of weeks ago and I have so much to learn. Glad to see I'm not the only newbie. I had seen this on the other blog and thought it was cute. If you get a chance, check out my blog and see what I have done with a vintage baby bed. It has some of my doll collection in it. Best wishes, Ronda


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