Sunday, June 20, 2010

Crib Rail Display Rack

Well I told you about what I did with the crib spring that came with the crib we ruined could no longer use.
Now I thought I would share what we used one of the rails for.
This was actually the first project that I did with the crib  way before I started blogging.
I told my husband that I wanted a rack for display of my ever growing collection of vintage kitchen collectables.  He told me it couldn't be done.  Silly Man.   So I went to my stash for the stuff to hand it.  Pretended like I was going to do it myself.  At this point he took over!
All I did to it prior to hanging was slap a coat of spray polyurethane.   He hung it using the chain and hooks that you use to hang flowerpots.004
I also use this space to hide store stuff, notice the tape in the basket.
This sits above our kitchen table.   The kids eat their breakfast here.
Please ignore the mess of my kitchen, I have been sick with the stomach bug all day.  Now everyone except my husband has come down with it.
The best part about this rack is that nobody who has come over has been able to tell what it has started out as.
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  1. I love the up-cycled crib! I love seeing all of your great deals from estate sales! I went to a nice one yesterday--everything was for sale, including the house! Ha!

  2. Oh girl I love very clever of you to come up with this idea and also clever how you Made hubs hang it ha ha!! looks wonderful my friend...Hey get over that bug..I have had pnuemonia for 2 months now and not fun...nothing gets done at my house when I'm sick ha ha!! Hope you have a GREAT day Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  3. I love the creative use of recycled crib. Very clever and cute.

  4. Oh, how cute this is!! I love how you've used the olden crib for a wonderful place to display your things! You did good.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. what a clever idea!! My only concern is that the hooks might not hold!! I had a light weight chandelier that I used with a really heavy duty screw similar to yours but bigger. And about a year or so later it crashed one night! The screw came out...but mine might have been screwed in between the planks of our wooden ceiling in that particular room...hopefully yours are more secure!! I wanted to say please come see my spindle cottage blog and look at my enamel table in my kitchen. It is designed like yours!! Mine has some fancy work in red on the white top however. But mine has the same kind of leaves that go under like yours do. I leave one out and it gives us a "bar" type effect. I love the old utensils---I use them because they usually work better than new ones! I have been sick this week as well with sore throat, sore head, and tiredness!! my stomach has been queeeeeeesy as well--but at least it isn't a Stomach virus!!!! Take care and pop over to see my table.!

  6. I had to click on this when I saw the word "crib". I too linked up a crib rail, but used for a totally different purpose. I am in love with all of the color and elements you have added. I plan on using my other crib rail as a pot rack....

    You have one the most most eclectic colorful kitchens I have seen. Great use of display....

    Take care,

  7. Hee! So fun! Yes, I'd totally try something like this out! I've long wanted to do something similar with a ladder. Love the function and fun for this piece!


  8. Very cute! I think we have similar styles in our kitchens. I love anything red and vintage! Stoppin' by from Funky Junk.

  9. Hey Michelle, I couldn't think what pictures you were talking about from back in April on my blog so I went back looking, lol! We have moved since then, so I've decorated a new kitchen. I haven't blogged about it yet, but I have pictures on my Facebook page if you're interested in seeing the new kitchen styled in red/yellow vintage stuff. The link is: Please excuse the 1st several pictures of some of the other rooms in the house, but the last few are of the kitchen.


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