Monday, September 26, 2011

Church Rummage Sales in September

I certainly didn’t want to miss the last Thrifty Treasures over at Southern Hospitality, even if I am late to the party.  Yard sale season is starting to wane around here, but thanks to a bout of Indian summer, there were still plenty to keep me busy this weekend.  So many in fact that I am going to just share a few of my favorites now (or you may get really bored).  Friday I went to a church rummage sale that was fantastic!  I got there about a hour after it started but there were still so many things to choose and the prices were amazing.

I picked up a boat load of purses, they were .25 cents each.

rummage sales 009 

rummage sales 010

rummage sales 011

rummage sales 013

rummage sales 026 This is leather.

rummage sales 021 This is Gap.

Little change purses for .10 cents.

rummage sales 020

Belts, hats, clothes also .25 cents.

rummage sales 008

rummage sales 012

rummage sales 023

Boys tap shoes.

rummage sales 024

rummage sales 025

rummage sales 028

A bag of hangers for .10 cents…..for the whole bag!

rummage sales 018 There were 10 wooden hangers a funky vintage metal and velour one and 2 plastic ones.

rummage sales 014

These were .50 cents each.

rummage sales 015

These were .25 cents each.

rummage sales 016

And this was .10 cents.

Then on Saturday I went to another church sale.  This sale was not as good, there was not very much stuff and it was priced kinda high.  All clothes and shoes were $2.00 each no matter what it was.  Faded Glory t-shirt $2.  men’s snow pants $2.  So I bought my hubby the snow pants which I forgot to take a picture of, left the t-shirt and then found this in the bottom of a pile.

rummage sales 127 

It is a genuine Chanel purse!!!!!  For $2.00!!!!!  I would normally think it was a fake except the leather on the inside is so soft and lush.

rummage sales 128

It needs a cleaning, but I did my happy dance out of there!

So are you ready for yard sale season to be over or are you still out on the hunt?

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  1. You found some really neat stuff. The pin that kinda looks like a sunflower caught my eye. I have one like it was one of my first and favorite pieces of jewelry. Enjoy your Chanel purse.

  2. I just adore the little purses!!


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