Saturday, September 3, 2011

$2.00 Estate Sale Tea Cart Finished

This post has actually been in the works for a while, we got a virus on our computer and have been out of commission while it was being worked on.   Then once we got it back I just could not get back into the groove.  Well here goes at a post I started about two weeks ago.

I am not sure if that is what this is called or not.  Do you know?  But it sounds good to me for now so that is what I am going with Smile 

estate sale kitchen cart bottle redo friday 033

This is the sturdy little cart that I picked up at an estate sale on Friday.  You can read more about it here.

Well it was disgusting.  I found it in the garage and it was in sad shape.

estate sale kitchen cart bottle redo friday 034

I wish I would have taken a picture with out the tin foil on.  The second shelf was in great condition after taking off  several layers of dirt.  The bottom shelf however looked just like this one.  The rust is just on the surface even though it is pretty bad.  I really liked the chrome and it is in nice vintage condition.  So me and Miss A taped it all off including the beautiful wheels.  It was supposed to storm and I was not about to bring this into my house till it was done so I have absolutely no during pictures.  At the time it didn’t seem like a big deal…….now I am kicking myself!  Oh and the other motivating factor to get it done was my husband.  I could just hear him if he saw this, it wouldn’t matter how cheap it was he would say “why did you buy that nasty thing!”


So I worked in hyper speed.  Of course I broke a few rules along the way.  I didn’t prime.  This was a mistake!  Why didn’t I prime!  Well I was out of primer and didn’t want to go buy any.  Mistake!

I did find two cans of pretty soft yellow in the basement to that is what I painted with.

sink shelf and tea cart re do 066

I love the color, but because I didn’t sand or prime the paint bubbled up a bit.  So to protect it from being damaged, I placed some vintage tea towels on the shelves.  This actually looks really great and adds to the look that I was going for.


sink shelf and tea cart re do 054

On the shelves I put items that I we use everyday.

sink shelf and tea cart re do 052

To keep it from looking to messy or cluttered I used an old wooden box with a great graphic that I had picked up for a couple of bucks a few years back.  It holds extra bowls and dishes.

sink shelf and tea cart re do 060

Behind the bowl that I use everyday for dinner I put this little vintage metal basket from an estate sale, inside are some of my vintage hot pads.

sink shelf and tea cart re do 053

On top is the microwave and some essentials.

The vintage file box is for my recipes.  I love this box, it was bought for $2.00 at a garage sale a few years ago.

sink shelf and tea cart re do 065

The lady bug is special, my son who was 5 at the time, bought it for me at a yard sale when we went out together just the two of us.sink shelf and tea cart re do 063

The lemons my husband got from work, I love the way they look.  The basket I won from Leslie at Goodbye House Hello Home.tea cart sink shelf re do more pictures 029

This is an ironstone plate I thrifted with a cheese dome also thrifted on top inside are some of my salt and pepper shakers and a fortune cookie fortune that I like.

tea cart sink shelf re do more pictures 028

These canisters were from a garage sale, they were a quarter for the set!

estate sale kitchen cart bottle redo friday 036

The lamp was from an estate sale, you can read more about it here.

On a side note the microwave is “new”.  Our son put a metal fork in our other one and fried it!  We found this one the next day at a garage sale as I was picking my husband up from work for $10.00.

So what do you think?  Do you ever just stumble on what you need?

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  1. I love the color yellow you used to paint the cart, everything looks wonderful.

  2. I love the finished product and the way you have staged it with items you use every day. Pretty and functional - can't go wrong with that.


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