Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Style: Shopping

I haven’t really touched upon my fashion style and what I wear here and thought that it might be fun.  This time I thought I would show you a few “new” pieces that I picked up and then in future posts show you how I put those pieces together.   I definitely have my own  sense of style and tend to be eclectic.   However I get many compliments on my outfits so I figure I must be doing something rightSmile.    There are some key points that I need to make first.  One I am extremely cheap thrifty. Two I like really nice and sometimes expensive stuff.  Keeping this in mind I find that shopping second hand is the best choice for me.  Last week I felt that I needed to get some “new” clothes so I headed to our local Salvation Army on quarter day.  Quarter day is an unadvertised sale, in fact there were several people shopping there that day that did not even realize that one of the color tickets were a quarter.  They were not my size so I let them in on the secret while we were waiting for the changing room!    On this trip I only paid “full” price for two pairs of shoes, everything else was either 1/2 price or .25 cents.  So are you ready?  Here is what I got!246

This is one of the pairs of shoes that I paid full price for.  I got them because I really needed a pair of  black flats and they were soooooo comfortable.


As you can see they were $4.99.


This vintage pair of Hush Puppies was the other pair that I paid full price for.


They were $3.99 and I think that may be the date the original owner my have gotten them.  What do you think?


I also got two more pairs of shoes.  They were both a quarter.


I found the Penaljo ones on EBay,  they are vintage from the 60’s.  They are soooo very comfortable. 

These are the clothes I bought for 1/2 price.  I will list what I paid.




This jacket has a velvet like texture.  I love the detail.





This picture does not do this sweater justice.  It is a very pretty light purple with rhinestones.

It was $2.00.



This shirt/jacket I am wearing today.  $1.50


You can never have to many white tanks.  This one is spandex/lycra  like.  $.99 cents


This is a great top.  The material has a wonderful feel and flow.


Everything else I bought was a quarter.





Two piece set.  I will probably end up using these as separates.











I seriously love this t-shirt. I wore it last week and really wish I had gotten a picture in it!














Leggings!!  I have worn these also and can’t wash them fast enough!  They are wonderful for layering under outfits.

I was actually on the lookout for a pair of black leggings and was just finishing my shopping  when I found these in my size for a quarter,  OH YEA!!!!



So do you like to mix pieces from different era’s and styles or do you stick to just one?

Stay tuned to see some of my style staples!

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  1. I am seriously impressed. You found some great stuff. And quarter day, too! Great thrifting day indeed.


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