Friday, October 21, 2011

Finding Me

My personal style has change a lot over the past several months.  For the better and it has really done an overhaul on how I am thinking and feeling.  I should start by giving you a little back story though.  Over the course of the last 12 years I have had 6 children.  Now I love and cherish each of them and really love having a big family.  However because time was at  a premium and I stopped working and I am sure many other things, I stopped doing things for my appearance.  I stopped doing my hair, I would wash it, comb it and cut it but that was it.  I wore loose clothes with socks and sneakers.  Even jeans were saved when I went out in public.  I gained weight.  I stopped wearing makeup.  This all was gradual and I was not sad or depressed, just lazy.  I wasn’t working outside of the house, I had a husband, my life was fine.   I not really sure what happened to me to change this.  But this past spring I was in a funk.  I was unhappy and miserable.  So I made an appointment with my hair dresser, in secret, went in with a picture of pink and told her I wanted it cut like that.  I also said I wanted a two step color.  I thought when I told her that I wanted red with blonde highlights and showed her the red swatch she was going to fall over.  I promptly went home and put on makeup.


me new hair 7-19-11 037


This did a world of good for my self esteem.

My dad then had a stroke a couple of weeks later.  I was traveling up to see him and help my mom.  My parents are very into appearances so I made sure to have my hair done, makeup on and dressed just right.  I didn’t want to make them feel worse, did I.  This also got me into the habit of getting it done.

This also had a ripple affect.  I went through my closet and pitched everything that didn’t make me feel good.  All the dowdy and matronly  clothes, even if they fit.  That gave me a good reason to head to the thrift and pick up a couple of “new” pieces.



rummage sales 101

rummage sales 085

rummage sales 098


It has been several months and I feel wonderful!  As simple as it sounds this cut and color have changed my whole outlook and given me new confidence.  I have since bought some new make-up and started wearing it differently.  I have also decided to go back to school and Monday I will be starting classes.  I can’t wait!


Do you ever do anything just for you?




  1. Good for you Michelle! You go girl! :-) What are you going to school for?

  2. Way to go girl! I have not worked for quite a few years. however, I feel it important to try and look nice. If you look good, you just feel good! Not to say that sometimes I just grub it up. But for the most part. I always wear make-up, however never alot. Being blonde (L'oreal helps at my age) too much makes me look, you know hard (wild). Glad you decided to do something for yourself! As mothers we are always doing for others. Taking time for ourselves makes us, our hubby, and our children happier. "If mama ain't happy, nobody's happy!"

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  4. Love your hair, it looks great.

    What do I do just for me? I budget 12 dollars from each cheque every two weeks to go to a discount fashion jewellery store and buy a scarf or two, or some new earrings. Just that makes me feel amazing.

    Although I am definitely in need of a new hair cut now :)


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