Friday, November 4, 2011

Some Fall Decorating


Since starting school I have been so super busy.  Tami had asked what I was going to school for.  I am going to school for cosmetology.  I love it!  We started last week and I have already learned so much.  I feel so alive.

However with that my part part time job, homeschooling number two and just keeping the house running, I have not done much of anything else!  I love the fall, the temps have been beautiful around here and the colors are amazing.  So I finally managed to get a little of that into our décor.  This is in our entryway.  The shutters act as a room divider so you don’t walk straight into the living room.  I LOOOVE them.  I bought them at a local antique store last year for $5.00 each and my husband added hinges to them.

fall decorating 007

I wish I had taken a before picture, but I thought that I had one…..nope.  Everything we already had.  The wreath I made has been up there since last year, I just keep moving her around and adding different “accessories”.



The Easter one came out especially well but, UGH, there is no picture!

fall decorating 010

The plates are vintage ones that I embellished using vinyl and my Cricut.  

fall decorating 011

The apothecary jar has some potpourri and a Chinese lantern that I saved from a bunch that I had found years ago.

The boa is from a garage sale from years ago.

fall decorating 006

This is how the compote looked before it was redressed for fall.  The books are my husbands, he found them last year at an antique shop.  This compote is one of my favorites, I use it a lot to hold various things for decorating.  It originally came from the thrift store and was less than $2.00. 

fall decorating 009

Well now that fall is almost over, I have been planning what I am going to do for Christmas.  I am hoping to get an early start, so we can enjoy it longer.  Have you switched gears and started thinking of Christmas decorating?




  1. Very nice, love the shutters! I have made 4 of those rolled wreaths. Will be pulling my Christmas one out before too long. Very fun don't you think? I love Thanksgiving, so I try not to do too much until it's over. Getting antsy though. May start on the bedroom in a week or so.


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