Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thrifty Summer Decorating for the Dining Table

For the past several weeks my dining table has looked like this.
etsy 7-12-11 and july fourth dining table 025
All decked out for the Fourth of July.  Since these are some of my favorite colors I wasn’t in any hurry to change it out, but when I found this at a yard sale this weekend I knew now was the time.
garage sales friday and saturday 7-8 and 7-9-11 030
You can read more about it here.
The first thing I did was to remove the “extrras”.
dinning table summer centerpiece 017
dinning table summer centerpiece 018
Once that was done I was ready to roll!  I went around the house and gathered up bunches of bits and baubles to add to my crate.
dinning table summer centerpiece 021
Then I was ready.  I kept the table runner that I was already using.  I picked it up at the Christmas Tree Shop last winter for $1.00.  Yes $1.00, they announced  90% off  on all their clearance while I was shopping.  It is Waverly and double sided, I love the other side as well.
dinning table summer centerpiece 025
dinning table summer centerpiece 026
dinning table summer centerpiece 027

Here is what I came up with.

dining room beach pepsi crate decor 015

dining room beach pepsi crate decor 026

I knew I wanted to use my large ironstone pitcher that I had picked up about a month ago at a church rummage sale.  It came with the bowl and was $10.00 for the set.

I also knew that I wanted to use my vintage primitive sail boat that I got two weeks ago from an estate sale for $1.00. 

dinning table summer centerpiece 029

I love vintage post cards and pick them up when ever I can get them.  This is one of the cigar boxes that I have them stashed in.  I dug around and found a few that would work.

dinning table summer centerpiece 030

dining room beach pepsi crate decor 007

The two that I ultimately chose were this one, which is a scene just about a mile from my house.

dinning table summer centerpiece 039

And this one of a man fly fishing in Virginia.

dining room beach pepsi crate decor 002

This French mason jar was in a free box along with the candle.  The sand was left over from my daughter’s graduation party last year.  It originally came from the dollar store.  I pick up shells at yard sales when I find them, this time I mixed them with a few light blue marbles that reminded me of sea glass.  About a month ago I found a whole plastic shoe box filled with those decorative marbles, in all different colors, at a yard sale for $2.00.

dining room beach pepsi crate decor 003

The vintage sea fans were in a box lot at an estate sale a few years ago for $6.00 for the whole box, this is just a small sampling of what was in there.

dining room beach pepsi crate decor 004

More shells in a zinc topped  blue mason jar that I found at an antique mall several years ago for $2.00.

I wanted this to look good from every angle.

I love vintage linens, so I dug through my stash  and found this sweet little number that reminds me of a pennant banner.

dining room beach pepsi crate decor 006

Finally I added a vintage flash card I bought in a lot of 12 from Eccentricity on Etsy.    They are circa 1953 and were $1.50 for the lot plus shipping.

The dictionary definition


berth (bûrth)


1. Sufficient space for a ship to maneuver; sea room: kept a clear berth of the reefs.

2. A space for a ship to dock or anchor: a steamship moored to its berth at the pier.


a. Employment on a ship: sought an officer's berth in the merchant marine.

I thought that was perfect for my little maritime vignette.

dining room beach pepsi crate decor 022

Of course all the stuff I used to add height to it all was also thrifted.  The dictionary is also vintage and was $1.00.  The blue mason is sitting on a German to English book and was in a free box.  As was the matching French mason jar that the other one is sitting on.

dining room beach pepsi crate decor 024

dining room beach pepsi crate decor 025


The only thing that wasn’t really thrifty is the vintage sign holder.  It was a present from me to me.  It came via Huntwood Antiques on Etsy.  I received three of them for $41.00 plus $8.00 shipping.  I love them and wish I had more.  They are great for holding vintage postcards and you can see one more here.

So finally in case you have not been keeping track the breakdown.


  • Vintage Pepsi crate $3.00
  • Table Runner $1.00
  • Large Vintage Ironstone Pitcher $5.00
  • Primitive Sailboat $1.00
  • Blue Mason Jar $2.00
  • Small French Mason Jars free
  • Candle free
  • Sand $1.00
  • Postcards .50 cents
  • Sea Fans $1.00
  • Marbles 2.00
  • Shells $1.00
  • Flower Frog .10 cents
  • Linen Doily .50 cents
  • Flash card .27 cents
  • Books $1.00
  • Sing Holder $16.33

For a grand total of $35.70, not bad if I do say so myself.

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  1. The rustic crate looks nice on the red runner! I especially love the vintage post cards!

  2. Beautiful display. Lots of great finds, especially the Pepsi crate. We used to receive those crates daily in my parents store when I was a child, and it makes me sick that they didn't save any of them.

  3. What a terrific looking vignette! Love the new Pepsi crate, and I'm a sucker for ironstone. Thanks for sharing.

  4. You are going to need more than your dining room table for all these vintage goodies.

  5. This is a very sweet vintage display you have created in the thrifted Pepsi crate. I really like how you have combined the various elements. The pitcher is beautiful, love the use of the canning jars and the sign holder - LOVE!


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