Friday, July 9, 2010

Shadow Box Shelf

Well if you know me in real life, you know that there are a few things that I hold near and dear.

MY faith and my family are the most important things in my life.

Well as my profile states I am the proud mama to 7 beautiful children.  Well the baby has been sick all week with high temps.  So yesterday I took him to the doctor and they thought it may be viral but he isn't voiding so we had to go to the hospital for a CBC (Complete Blood Count) and urinalysis.  We got the blood no problem but while I won't bore you with the detail getting the urine of a  ten month old who will not pee well that's another story. 

Long story short he was back in the doctor's today fever free and his blood count looked good so even though we are still working on getting the urinalysis he seems to be on the mend.   So now he is getting back to his normal happy and adorable self.  Just see for your self.


Boy does he love strawberries!!!!!

Well for today I thought I would show you something else that has meaning to me.


This is a shadow box shelf that my Grandfather built and had mounted in the home he built for my Grandmother and himself back in the late 30's.  I don't  when he put it in but I remember it my whole life always being in the same spot on the wall. 

After he died and my mom sold the house we went through and claimed what we wanted.  I'm glad that I took what I did since I was only 21 at the time and did not have the appreciation for it then that I do today.

As for the shelf I knew that I wanted it.  It was special to me because my grandfather made it so I unscrewed it and tried to take it down.  It stuck!!!!!  So here is me with all my might pulling it off the wall, with one foot on the wall.  I can picture it like it was yesterday.

Anywho I got my shelf!!!  On it are some things that I have picked up along the way at yard sales or that were once my grandmothers.


The two middle books were my grandmothers and so is this tea cup and saucer.  The little blue bird my mom and dad bought me at the state fair when I was little the Jim Beam bottle is my husband's it is his initials.  The little white bird and the other books and "fake" glasses are all thrifty treasures.


This egg cup and the egg were $1.00 a month or so ago and the German mug was also $1.00 last summer.


This cup was my Grandma's and the transferware pot I picked up a couple of weeks ago for .25 cents.  It has some damage but I don't care I love it!


This bowl was my Grandma's all the rest is for Garage sales and cost .25 cents each.


The cup on the pedestal was my Grandma's as were the two on the bottom of the stack.  The top one was .50 cents as was the little sugar? bowl with its original spoon.  The pedestal was $1.99 at the thrift store.  The ladies vintage gloves were $1.00 a couple of weeks ago at an estate sale.


The brown transferware butter pat was .25 cents last month and the birds are salt pepper shakers and were my grandmother's.


These were both .25 cents a couple of years ago.


This is what hangs next to my shadow box shelf.  The mirror was $10.00 at an estate sale last year.  I made the wreath myself from scrap fabric and a straw wreath that I picked up for .50 cents.  The Plate was a quarter, I think it may be majolica.  What do you think?



This is a thrift store frame I painted and distressed used scrap fabric an put in a serving fork from the thrift store.

The "Say Grace" sign came from our honeymoon!

So are you sentimental?  Would you rip something from childhood off a wall?


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  1. Okay, the shadowbox is awesome and the collection of knick knacks is all and good....but really, I can't get past that wonderful strawberry smile!!!

    What a darling.

    LEGEND OF MARY'S BEAN is my Friday blog.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. I'm so happy your little baby is doing better! Poor little sweetheart.

    Yes, I'm sentimental. As for ripping something off my childhood wall...Nah! There was nothing to take!!

  3. wow! you seems to have full shadow box shelf! teehee.. and I spoted some pretty things i.e sugar bowl with roses on it.. my fave kindda dishes.. btw, aren't you afraid that the shelf would fall? *touch wood, it won't* but the shelf look so heavy..

  4. We check it every so often to make sure it won't fall and my husband secured it into the studs.....he knows my addiction to pretties!!

    :) Michelle

  5. Love that baby smile. Does not look like he is feeling poorly.
    I am super sentimental. Great that you mixed memories with finds.
    That fork in a frame made me smile!

  6. How wonderful that you have that shadow box built by your grandfather! And yes, I would have used all of my strength to get that off the wall. You have it accessorized beautifully, and it is so nice that some of your grandmother's things are in it. I am sentimental to the point of being ridiculous (or so my family says). I have trouble throwing away anything. I enjoyed your post so much. Thank you for linking to Favorite Things Sat. (So glad that sweet little boy is feeling better). laurie

  7. So glad the little one is on the mend.

    As far as ripping something off the wall... If you read my Favorite Things post I mentioned a certain chair at the end that has an acquisition story too. I will post it someday (think doorway too small : ).

  8. I have a fondness of those hen and nest glass candy dishes. My great grandmother had one, my grandma had one and then found out my mother had one too and kept my lunch money in it. I told her "well that's why it brings me so many memories".

  9. Your little one is so cute and looks mighty happy after being sick all week. I love the mix of vintage finds you have with your grandmother's stuff, too. Love that pink floral sugar bowl.

  10. You have a lot of pretty treasures - Hope the shelf does not fall! Hope your sweet little one is much better.


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