Sunday, July 4, 2010

Estate Sale Finds

I have been trying to put myself on a thrifting diet as of late.  I decided to do this for two reasons.  First I need to take care of what I already have .  Second I need to spend less money.


Sooo, I have stopped even looking for sales that start on Friday.  I have completely given up that day.  This is big let me tell you.  Friday is the best day to go to sales in our small town.

Well I wanted to go out on Saturday but again didn't want to spend any money.  So I slept in and took only twenty dollars and went to just 1 estate sale .  Oh I got there 3 hours after it opened.


I went with daughter number 2 who is 11 years old.  Figuring it would A. be dead and B. be picked over I figured I would be ok and have money left over.


Wrong!!  On both accounts.


First I found this vintage egg basket full of dried gourds for $6.00.  I will probably throw out the gourds and then give the basket a bath.


I then found these vintage lusterware salt and pepper shakers for $3.00


This is my favorite find of all 6 vintage red polka dot and white striped drinking glasses for $4.00


This set was $3.00 and has cute little dogs on them.


This was $1.00


And so was this carpenter's ruler.


This book from 1941 was just $2.00.




It is just chocked full for photos.

All this came to exactly $20.00.


Then we were leaving and I found this on a table outside marked $3.00 so i dug deep and asked if he would take $2.00, he did!!!  Yea!!!!


I could have spent much much more at this sale and there were a ton this weekend in our area that I wish I could have went to.


Oh well there is always next week.


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  1. Michelle girl you scored BIG those polka dot glasses how fun and cute are those...I hope you had a GREAT 4th my Dear friend....Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  2. Lots of fun finds! Love the book and that last pitcher!

  3. Wonderful finds. Estate sales are wonderful!

  4. Great stuff! But what about the scale in the background...I love it! Linda

  5. The glassware is so pretty!! Good finds!

  6. I love everything you ended up finding!!! <3

  7. What fabulous finds! I love the pitcher and the little green tray.

  8. Hi.....I especially love that old book! Way cool.
    Hugs N Herbal Blessings, Mandy

  9. I love the egg basket and the pewter pitcher! Great finds!

  10. Great the pitcher and carpenter's ruler. The book is a gem too! Thanks for sharing!
    Ms. Sharlotte's...Southern Reflections

  11. What great treasues you found. I would have went to the closest ATM for more $$$$. LOL I need to slow down on Fridays too. But I just love it when I find a great deal. Blessings, Vicky

  12. Awesome finds!!!!

    Keep on Junkin'

  13. Oh My founds some really cool vintage items. My frined Dina would love those S$P shakers. Enjoy your finds.


  14. Your finds are so pretty and a good deal too. Happy Tuesday!
    Sub-sale find

  15. Hi!
    Great finds for 20.00, ooops 22.00. Love that pitcher. Have a great day!

    Sherrie's Stuff

  16. My goodness, you did very well for your $20!! I'm trying to stick to a thrift budget as well, and so far I have only regretted not buying that one vase.....ahem. Love your post!

  17. Hi Michelle, Weareat McDonalds because the drinks are cheap and its air conditioned. Missed you at Rosary. Love, Kim
    P.S. How is Dominik ?

  18. Love that decorating book, I have one from the 50's that I adore. Cute basket too! My garage salen party is going on now, would love for you to join in. Debbie

  19. Those glasses are my favorite too, I don't know which set I like better! An estate sale with those kind of prices! What a find!


  20. What great prices for an Estate sale! I love the glasses and the green dish. That final pitcher is a score for $2 also!!

  21. I need to go on your diet and take care of what I have. Sadly I have issues in this regard. Your Twenty went far and well! ~olive

  22. Just visiting from debbiedoos party! What wonderful things you found and lucky to get out on $20!!

  23. Of course you know I adore the doggie glasses, but your other finds are fun as well.
    I tried doing that diet- here it means giving up Thursdays and Fridays.
    Yesterday I had an oops, spent more than I had (we'll be eating lots of peanut butter) and said I was cured! I was only going to shop around home the rest of this month and see if that will curb my habits. Then I heard tell of an estate sale in the woods - and there are pictures online! And DH asked if I want to go!
    How much temptation can a girl take????

  24. Love all of your treasures but I especially love all of your red vintage kitchen wares!!


  25. Ohhh....I love the glasses and that pitcher. Great finds!

  26. I will go on a food diet but never a yard sale diet!!:) Great finds!

  27. " Would you rip something from childhood off a wall?"
    lol! In a NY minute, hopefully the item would have been on a wall from which I was allowed to rip.
    Your shadowbox is lovely and all the more special that your grandfather made it.

  28. I just love the salt and pepper shaker. I've been on a hunt for them for quite some time..I'm like you..took a break for yard saling last week..Everyone was shocked..kept asking me if I was ok..LOL


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