Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The many faces of a dresser.



You may remember getting a peak at this dresser here.  Or maybe it was here or here.


Well I thought for White Wednesday at Faded Charm  I would post about the actual dresser and how it came to be.


Years ago my husband bought me this little chest for this space as a birthday gift.438

This was before blogging so this is the best picture I could find.

This worked in this space for awhile, but wasn't quite large enough.  Then my husband went to an estate sale and bought this picture.


Then it looked horrible and very off balanced.  Sorry I don't have a picture of this.  Also about this time we bought our TV armoire and needed video storage.  So I decided that I wanted a dresser that was somewhere between 36 and 44 inches long and 30 - 36 inches tall.

So I began to stalk Craig, Craigslist that is.  Everyday I would get up and browse both of the nearby cities.

Oh I almost forgot I only wanted to spend between $75 and 0 dollars.  Well nothing for months.

Well I got desperate I really needed someplace to store the videos so I picked up this dresser.


It was $20 and fit all the videos.  It was wider so it didn't look as bad but was still not right and was going to need to be refinished.......so I still was not happy, and was still stalking Craig.

Well we had been cooped up in the house for the winter and one day when the sun was shining and it was somewhat warm outside my husband and I decided to stop into the antique shop.  While browsing I asked the ladies if they had any dressers that meat my criteria.  I looked at a bunch and the one my husband wanted was...$475 dollars!!!  I said "are you out of your flipping mind um no!  We were just on our way out and under a bunch of stuff in a little corner I found her. 


My husband said it was the wrong size and that it wouldn't  work.  Oh and it was marked $85 dollars, however I know the owner and she said she would take $65.

So we went home with no dresser and I spent the entire evening nagging and whining, begging and pleading being patient with my husband.  Long story short(not) we went back and picked her up the very next day!

She then has been dressed various ways until I arrived as she looks today.  Tomorrow may be another story.




I love her in all her chippy goodness!  She was well worth the wait!

Have you ever waited months for the right piece of furniture?

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    It WAS worth the wait!
    I love the suitcases and the piano-playing-lovely-lady art is stunning (I have a Classical pianist living in my house, and I love anything to do with music).
    I wait for lots of things, most of the time.
    If I can't find it at yard sales or Goodwill- I don't buy it, so I just wait until it crosses my path.
    I'm sure your hubby loves the pianist picture paired with the dresser, now, doesn't he?
    Have fun making your home together!

  2. Oh my I am in loooooove with this dresser and if you have read my armoire post last Friday you will laugh and no I feel your being patient pain. Right now I am waiting for the Shabby Pillow Gods to rain down on me....love it.

  3. Hi Michelle, I love your dresser and understand what you went through to find just the right one. I love how you have your suitcases and the books stacked, everything looks so pretty. I love your art of the lady with the piano.

  4. I waited over a year for a piece of furniture. Not quite as chippy but close and it was worth the wait, too. It takes me a long time to decide on furniture, which I agree is the right away. Jane F.

  5. Craig and I are in a fight right now... I just can't seem to find a rug! Congrats on the dresser :).


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