Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Decorating………Finally


I am like a month late getting my spring posts up………….but better late than never right?

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On the entry table I still had my Valentine’s Day flowers out……and let’s just say they were looking a little dead sad.  I however still loved the color.  So I got out the scissors and……….

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I felt a little like Morticia!





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It looked like this for a moment, but I couldn’t find the plate that I wanted to put on the plate stand and the little statue wasn’t doing it for me.  So this is how it looks now.

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I added a medallion that I made last year and added it to my wreath that is made out of coffee filters.

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I used vintage sheet music, scrapbook paper and an image from the Graphic's Fairy!

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My roses, the flowers that  my daughter Miss A received after a singing competition, thrifted vintage milk glass, a vintage picture from my living room previously from a garage sale, the window I found on the side of the road and a thrifted egg.

friendshare and spring decorating rag wreath 032

To the right of that is my bird cage from the salvation army and the sweet little angel my son made for me at Christmas time, I can not pack it away it is much to sweet!  A couple of vintage clocks from my collection a bird I got from my kid’s school rummage sale (I think that it may be a Christmas ornament), I made the book bird house and the flowers were from the Salvation Army they are actually a bride’s bouquet (the kind that they toss!).

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This vintage paper mache rabbit was actually my mom’s when she was a kid.  I love it even though Miss T who is five says “it gives me the creeps!” and  “Keep your creepy rabbit with the red eyes away from me!!!

Lastly I hung the vintage Italian tole sconce that my husband and I picked up a couple of weeks ago at an auction.  It was all of $5 and is so fitting for spring!

So what do you think?  Better late than never? 

The Cost Breakdown:

bird cage $2.99

bird, flowers, book .25 cents each

clock face $5

clocks $2-$3 each, there are 4

vintage books .25-.50 cents each

tole sconce $5

lamp $2.99

picture .25 cents

milk glass .25-.99 cents each

welcome sign $1

egg .25 cents

wreath holder 2.99

table runner, bunny, window free

Nothing is new, it is all stuff that I have had…………since at least Christmas Smile

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  1. .....and all the lovely memories.....Priceless!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. What great things!! I love how you saved the roses, that is such a pretty thing sitting in that bowl. I had to laugh at the photo of morticia....I so remember that!! Happy VTT!

  3. Love your display, and your sense of humor! Think your bunny is sweet, not scary!

    1. Thanks so much :) I never know HOW people are going to take my sense of humor!

  4. I love your creepy bunny! I can see where a kid might think it's a little scary though. I like your coffee filter wreath. I tried to make one and it turned out so bad I never finished it. Maybe I need to try it again!

  5. It was worth the wait. It is never to late to share neat things.

    1. Thanks so much LV, it is always so nice when you visit :)

  6. The roses are great! And the bunny is much better that the little statue, great decor!

  7. Michelle- Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment. I am loving the coffee filter wreath and the entry way looks beautiful. My momma has those same paper mache bunnies and a few santas just like yours and it is such a good memory when I see these.

  8. I love the reuse of the roses...special flowers are so hard to let go of. :)


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