Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!!

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I am so excited for this new year to begin.  We had many blessings in 2010 and I’m looking to make 2011 even better with the gifts that God has given me.
Some of my goals for the new year are:
    1. set up a better menu plan.
    2. declutter
    3. reorganize home idea notebook
    4. finish the living room redo
    5. reestablish weekly schedule
    6. put away $50. a week into savings
    7. set up better budget
    8. pay down debit!!!!!
    9. be more intentional
    10. blog more often.

I have many more but this is what I would like to start with.  The living room redo and decluttering are going hand in hand right now.  That is also where I have started with the home idea notebook.   I am very excited about this.  This will be the first time that we have done this from top to bottom, on a very strict budget of course.  Speaking of the living room redo……..I was a very lucky winner of a $50 gift card to Pier 1 from  Nesting Place.  I went on line and found a coupon for $10 off a purchase of $50. or more.  My mom an d I went shopping and I found the new curtains for my redo!

This picture so does not do them justice!!  They are so beautiful.  The blue looks slightly lighter in person.  This is also my color palette and one of my husbands few requests.  He wanted curtains with red in them.  Just a side note but notice how I did not take him shopping with me!  Just saying.
Back to the curtains.  Well they were $39.95 each panel(why anybody would only want one is beyond me)but I needed two.  So that would have been 79.90 but with my gift card and coupon I paid only 19.90!!!!!  Not that you couldn’t have done the math but is looks so cool going down like that.  Thanks Nester!
Also some very exciting news for me.  I have reached 50 51 followers!!  I can barely even believe it. You are all so wonderful and I always look so forward to your comments. Look for a giveaway to come very soon.  I have been gathering things that I thought that you might like.   Thank You so very much for all that you do.
May all of you have a blessed new year!!

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  1. Hi Michelle!

    Good for you and all your goals. They're pretty much my list too. Have you ever heard of Dave Ramsey? He's got some great books and cds for better budgeting. You can even get some at the library. He's very old-fashioned in some ways saying he just teaches what Grandma used to do. But, he's also very knowledgable.


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