Friday, February 5, 2010

I need my technology!!!!

Well this has been one tough morning. As my husband was leaving for work he anounced that the mini van would not start to call the neighbor to pick up the kids for school and left. O.k. Went to get on line to do a quick check of the balance in our checking account(today is payday and we have direct deposit, we also won't get pay stub till Monday). No internet connection, that means no phone service because they are interkinked and digital. Cell phone is out of minutes and husband has the other one. By the way he was in charge of reloading the other one that is out of minutes. No phone no internet no cell and I have not had my COFFEE!!!! Knock on another closer neighbors door and ask to use their phone, call the neighbor who is 2 blocks away to get kids to school, ok. Well at least that works. Call husband to let him know what is going on(read as scream). He works on the road so he can only walk me through what to do. Tells me to shut down and turn off computer and unplug phone modem. I do that and when I went to turn it all on a few minutes later the six plug outlet won't work it is dead. So I unplug everything and try to plug it all into the other

one that is next to it that has or other computer and phone stuff and lights plugged into it. No lights now they had to go. Under the desk laying on my stomach with a flashlight trying to figure out exactly what I really needed and having my three year old tell me when stuff went black. Got everything but the phone plugged in. Well I don't need it if the Internet is still down. My friend stops by to get the last kid to school who wouldn't fit in with the rest( he is in pre-school)and lets me use her cell phone. Can't get a hold of company for Internet/phone or husband. Manage to start car and finally 5 hours later Internet back up and running!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yes we did pay the bill on time. In case you were wondering. we still don't know why it didn't work and we are looking at a new vehicle tomorrow!!!I hope this one lasts that long.


  1. oh my~ bless your heart. i hate mornings like that & i am not good @ techy stuff - either.
    good luck finding a new vehicle! 7 kids!!! you are blessed!

    thanks for joining this blessed nest.
    take care.

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  3. Oh my! What a rough morning. :(

    Glad everything was back up and running by that night. Whew!

    Found you via Living With Lindsay.

    Loving This Mom Stuff


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