Friday, February 12, 2010

Black and white and red all over.

I was looking through my pictures this  morning and decided to see what features I could play with and discovered Live Writer!!


I think this may really work!!  I am loving it!!016

Well back to what I really want to write about.  My favorite color is red and you can tell that right away when you step in.  However lately after the holidays mostly, I have been gravitating towards black and white.

Well when I was rearranging my living room after  Christmas I decided to use this trunk that I picked up at a yard sale a couple of years ago for $10 for and end table instead of just an eyesore and storage that it was being used for.   The table that was in this space just seamed to small on this wall.   The window came from a yard sale over the summer it was in a free pile.  There were 5 more with it and I am still kicking myself for not taking the rest.  In the last week alone I have found 5 more ways they could be used!!!

006This lamp had been on the table  and we need the light in this area so I just kept it there.  I added the books under it to give it a little more height and the top of the trunk is not quite flat so this balanced it more.  The lamp originally came from my parents, I just went to Jo-Ann's and bought some bead trim to dress it up.  I had a coupon so I paid a couple of bucks for the trim.  The decorative ball I made out of  rope and a Styrofoam ball and my trusty glue gun.  I got the idea from the Country Chic Cottage.  She is a new blogger and has WONDERFUL ideas.


This cast iron dog is one of a pair of bookends that came from my grandparents.  I just love it.  The votive holder I made with my stash of buttons and a cheap clear holder I had laying around the house.008

This picture shows a better view of the rope ball and my husband’s baby picture from the hospital.  It is 1962 vintage (he he), the frame replaced  a cheap(and I mean cheap not thrifty)one I picked this one up at a yard sale for 50 cents. 010


This is my grandparents wedding photo (they are the ones seated).  My mom and dad had it blown up and framed and gave it to us for Christmas.  I love it here because it really shows.  They were both very dear to me and were so active in our lives while I was growing up.  I was so glad that my parents thought to do this for me.  Thanks Mom and Dad!!!!


This is a black and white sketch I picked up at a yard sale a couple of years ago for 75 cents.  The matting has some water damage but you can’t really see it in person and for that price I was willing to live with it.


Finally this “thing” came from an estate sale.  I paid $3.00 for it.  It was in the barn and I think maybe part of a banister at one point.  I stuck my 50 cent yard sale candle on top and just love it!!  The heart wreath is more white buttons from my stash.

Well thanks for visiting a little corner of my living room and please leave lots of comments I thrive on them:)

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  1. Michelle..

    Thanks for answering my 'Calling all CNY bloggers and blog readers' post! I will add you to the list. I have a few friends that have said they are interested in putting something together and another blogger in the Niagara Falls area ( said he'd love to have a get together. Talk it up with your friends and mention it to any other local (within driving distance of Syracuse) bloggers/readers. The more the merrier!
    Have a great day! Tami


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