Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Centerpiece Nester Style



This is my version of the centerpiece that Nester http://thenester.com/2009/04/how-to-make-a-centerpiece.html made here. 

She recently sold it on EBay and it went for $46.00 plus shipping!!  Well as much as I love the Nester I didn’t have those kinds of extra funds.  So in true Nester style I did what she would do and made my own for much much less!!


I started with these two planters.  The one on the left with the palm tree is from the thrift store and was 50 cents on half price day.  One of the feet was broken off but was inside.  A little E6 glue and we were good to go.  The small one came from AC More and was on clearance for $4.00


Since they didn’t match I painted them both white and then added Ralph Lauren antique glaze027 

AHHH  much better.  I then started to add stuff.   Green and other stuff  I had laying around the house.  I just love how it came out!!! 


Total cost:  $4.50

Satisfaction of creating something beautiful that I love: PRICELESS!!!!!!

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  1. That turned out great! Makes for a nice size centerpiece, too!


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