Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thrifty Treasures

We have two thrift stores in our area. My favorite the Rescue Mission which I have dubbed "Ye Favorite Thrift" and the Salvation Army which has some nice stuff is clean and well organized. However the prices are high and the staff is as a rule not very nice. There are employees that are individually nice but the store policies are awful and that turns a lot of people off. Nine times out of ten I find goodies at "Ye Favorite Thrift" I find it almost impossible not to. Even though you usually have to dig through bins and the store is old looking, the staff is awesome!!! If something is not priced they will make up one right there on the spot, if you think that something is marked to high they will mark it down, they will help you search for stuff and will alert you to stuff that they think that you may be interested in.

Those are the opposite policies of the Salvation Army. stop in there when I get a chance however because I do find nice things sometimes and occasionally a good deal. Recently was one of those trips.

Tea cup and saucer for $.80, metal scrolly thingy $3.99, candle stick $.99,, Two stamp in up sets $2.50 each, hobnail milk glass $1.50, picture frame $.50, and very very ugly topiary (so ugly in person the pictures don't capture the ugliness) $2.00 each (they no longer look like this). In fact the only things that are going to stay as is are the tea cup and saucer and the milk glass, I have also already used one of the stamp sets.


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