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Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Rag Wreath


Well as I was changing everything sprucing up a bit for spring, I decided that the wreath that we had on our mirror in the living room that I love, was just to wintery ( it may or may not have been up since Christmas).

Easter mall, speaker, spring wreath 011

So I hit up my stash of fabric that would look good in my living room and that would have the colors and feel of spring.


friendshare and spring decorating rag wreath 011

First up a small vintage piece of broad cloth with pretty flowers.

friendshare and spring decorating rag wreath 013

Next a solid light weight knit that I believe my mom used back in the 70’s…….yes I come from a long line of fabric hoarders!

friendshare and spring decorating rag wreath 014

A white on white pin dot, this is a curtain that I bought for .50 cents from an estate sale.

friendshare and spring decorating rag wreath 012

A  pretty blue, yellow and piece with small pink flowers and butterflies.  This was .25 cents at a garage sale.

friendshare and spring decorating rag wreath 015

Lastly a shirt that did not fit right but I just love the color of, originally it was .50 cents at a yard sale.

After assembling my fabric I went to the closet and dug out a wire hanger.

friendshare and spring decorating rag wreath 010

friendshare and spring decorating rag wreath 008

friendshare and spring decorating rag wreath 009

Then while watching fashion star, I just kept tying on strips and tying on strips till………….

friendshare and spring decorating rag wreath 016

I had this!!!

Easter mall, speaker, spring wreath 015


I think that is much better, don’t you?

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Decorating………Finally


I am like a month late getting my spring posts up………….but better late than never right?

blog friendshare 006

On the entry table I still had my Valentine’s Day flowers out……and let’s just say they were looking a little dead sad.  I however still loved the color.  So I got out the scissors and……….

blog friendshare 010

I felt a little like Morticia!





blog friendshare 009

blog friendshare 012

It looked like this for a moment, but I couldn’t find the plate that I wanted to put on the plate stand and the little statue wasn’t doing it for me.  So this is how it looks now.

friendshare and spring decorating rag wreath 031

I added a medallion that I made last year and added it to my wreath that is made out of coffee filters.

friendshare and spring decorating rag wreath 027

I used vintage sheet music, scrapbook paper and an image from the Graphic's Fairy!

friendshare and spring decorating rag wreath 028

My roses, the flowers that  my daughter Miss A received after a singing competition, thrifted vintage milk glass, a vintage picture from my living room previously from a garage sale, the window I found on the side of the road and a thrifted egg.

friendshare and spring decorating rag wreath 032

To the right of that is my bird cage from the salvation army and the sweet little angel my son made for me at Christmas time, I can not pack it away it is much to sweet!  A couple of vintage clocks from my collection a bird I got from my kid’s school rummage sale (I think that it may be a Christmas ornament), I made the book bird house and the flowers were from the Salvation Army they are actually a bride’s bouquet (the kind that they toss!).

friendshare and spring decorating rag wreath 029

This vintage paper mache rabbit was actually my mom’s when she was a kid.  I love it even though Miss T who is five says “it gives me the creeps!” and  “Keep your creepy rabbit with the red eyes away from me!!!

Lastly I hung the vintage Italian tole sconce that my husband and I picked up a couple of weeks ago at an auction.  It was all of $5 and is so fitting for spring!

So what do you think?  Better late than never? 

The Cost Breakdown:

bird cage $2.99

bird, flowers, book .25 cents each

clock face $5

clocks $2-$3 each, there are 4

vintage books .25-.50 cents each

tole sconce $5

lamp $2.99

picture .25 cents

milk glass .25-.99 cents each

welcome sign $1

egg .25 cents

wreath holder 2.99

table runner, bunny, window free

Nothing is new, it is all stuff that I have had…………since at least Christmas Smile

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012



Yesterday I spent the day rearranging and spring cleaning my entryway after a complete overhaul of our living room over the weekend.  That post will come since I am still playing around in there Smile


Well when you walk in the door to our house you were greeted by this.

blog friendshare 019

Not horrible, but the scale is so wrong for the space and it is not very useful.

blog friendshare 020

So I wanted to get something that would have a little more height to it.

After the living room was rearranged and the big pieces of furniture put back I had a small bookcase leftover.  I decided that it would be just what I needed for the space.

So here is the after with the “new” bookcase all in place.

blog friendshare 022


I just love how it turned out!!  Everything on there I already had.

Here are a few close-ups of the shelves.

blog friendshare 023

blog friendshare 024

The black is the bottom of a calendar corner that I glued on that fell off when I was moving it and have yet to glue back on Smile  I am such a kid when it comes to getting things done!!!!

blog friendshare 025

blog friendshare 026

blog friendshare 027

blog friendshare 021

Now I am off to clean off the kids bulletin boards!!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

So Many Interests

I find it so hard to post sometimes.  For many reasons, I am so super busy and have a lot of different things on my plate, I can’t take pictures because I lost my battery charger and don’t have batteries for my point and shoot, I lack focus and don’t know where to start, and I am bummed because who will want to read this anyway?  Well no more excuses!  I have now decided no matter what I can post something to make this a document of who I am and where I am at.

So today I am going to just list ten favorite things that  from around the web.


Here is my favorite local consignment shop Eco Chic located in Syracuse, New York.  A fabulous place to find unique high quality fashions.



I am saving my pennies in hopes to have these by summer! 

Etsy is always a favorite.  Like this black and white mod beauty from Let's Gab about Vintage



After seeing this really cool inspiration photo from one of my favorite blogs Off Of Broadway.  I just had to try it and I love how it looks!



When I saw this idea on pintrest I just knew I would like to try it.


Speaking of Pintrest check me out over there!



I can just see this cute outfit on my little princess.



I am in love with my LL Bean boat and tote bags and am still amazed that I was able to find the large and the small for .25 cents each!



I am currently contemplating this hairs style and color.



And lastly I have just lost 2o pounds!!!  I did it by using a valuable online resource my calorie counter by Everyday Health


Food and Fitness Journal

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Black Friday Success


The past few months have flown by in a blur.  While it has mostly been good, however I have felt like I really have slipped in the organization department.   So on Thanksgiving, since it is just the hubby, the kids and I, I started the day catching up a little.  While the food cooked and the kids watched the parade I cleaned out my dining room of the treasures I had brought home during the thrifting season that had yet to find a home.  While it is not perfect, it is definitely a better start.   


With this done we were able to sit down to  a RELAXNG meal, and I was mentally ready for the Christmas season to begin!  While we cleaned up I put on the Christmas music and planned my Black Friday.


My husband volunteered to go into work on Friday (he starts work at 6am) and I saw a few things in the AC Moore sale flyer that I knew would be great gifts for my girls.  One of my girls has wanted something that was in the special deal that started at 5am.  So we woke up at 3:50am and left here at 5:15, him in his car and me in my truck.  The mall was a lot less crowded than I thought it would be and the people were really nice and friendly ( both the shoppers and the store employees).  I found everything that I wanted and was back home by 8am.  We live 25 minutes from the mall so I was really happy with this.  I got in and checked to see what kids where up and where they were at and brought in the stuff for the sleepy heads.  Since I was pretty tired and being lazy going to be super organized this season, I decided to wrap the gifts rather than just hide them.  This also would mean if they were out in the open I didn’t need to worry who was looking at what.


Over the summer I went to a yard sale and picked this up for $5.00.

The beginings of Christmas 622


It was filled with this.

The beginings of Christmas 623

The beginings of Christmas 625

There is also ribbon, bows and tags in there!

So over the course of the day I brought things in and wrapped.

The beginings of Christmas 627

I now have all the presents that we currently home wrapped!  Now just to keep up with it!

So did you go out yesterday?  How were the crowds in your area?



Friday, November 4, 2011

Some Fall Decorating


Since starting school I have been so super busy.  Tami had asked what I was going to school for.  I am going to school for cosmetology.  I love it!  We started last week and I have already learned so much.  I feel so alive.

However with that my part part time job, homeschooling number two and just keeping the house running, I have not done much of anything else!  I love the fall, the temps have been beautiful around here and the colors are amazing.  So I finally managed to get a little of that into our d├ęcor.  This is in our entryway.  The shutters act as a room divider so you don’t walk straight into the living room.  I LOOOVE them.  I bought them at a local antique store last year for $5.00 each and my husband added hinges to them.

fall decorating 007

I wish I had taken a before picture, but I thought that I had one…..nope.  Everything we already had.  The wreath I made has been up there since last year, I just keep moving her around and adding different “accessories”.



The Easter one came out especially well but, UGH, there is no picture!

fall decorating 010

The plates are vintage ones that I embellished using vinyl and my Cricut.  

fall decorating 011

The apothecary jar has some potpourri and a Chinese lantern that I saved from a bunch that I had found years ago.

The boa is from a garage sale from years ago.

fall decorating 006

This is how the compote looked before it was redressed for fall.  The books are my husbands, he found them last year at an antique shop.  This compote is one of my favorites, I use it a lot to hold various things for decorating.  It originally came from the thrift store and was less than $2.00. 

fall decorating 009

Well now that fall is almost over, I have been planning what I am going to do for Christmas.  I am hoping to get an early start, so we can enjoy it longer.  Have you switched gears and started thinking of Christmas decorating?